14 Mo. Post-Bypass, Lost 160 Lbs, Diabetes Gone, Still Nauseous At Times

by Tonya H
(Oklahoma City, OK)


At my heaviest, if I’m honest, I’m sure I hit at least 400 pounds, but before seeing my surgeon I was at 397. I had been diagnosed as Prediabetic, but my surgeon said, “We’ll call it what it is, your A1C is here, you’re diabetic.” He prescribed Victoza, which helped me drop about 30 pounds.

My surgeon moved his practice out of state, I met with another surgeon I didn’t care for & depression hit. I ate & gained a bit of weight back. After speaking with my original surgeon’s office manager & learning he was a preferred provider on our insurance network, my husband & I decided to travel 5 hours for surgery.

I had RNY Gastric Bypass Sept 24, 2013. Never had I been in so much pain in my life! But I followed the rules & walked the halls every time I got up to toilet. I also had a heating pad to drape over my abdomen, which was comforting.

Because of the drive ahead, they kept me 3 days. The 5 hour drive home turned into 9 as we stopped to walk & use the toilet as often as possible. After being home a few days, the pain improved but still let me know I wasn’t totally healed during the drive to my 2 week follow up.
I had problems with nausea & was told it could be the digestive enzymes which would resolve soon.

At my 3 month follow up, nausea was still present & I was told it was dumping syndrome — I knew better because it occurred despite my eating approved foods, & things I’d had before without incident, so we were back to the problem being the enzymes, which could now last up to 6 months.

During these months, I steadily lost weight.
I’m now 14 months post up & down 160 pounds to 240. I still have back pain, but can tolerate more activities, the diabetes mellitus was gone 2 weeks post-op, but I STILL take meds for nausea. Waiting for the money to make the trip up for my 1 year follow up.

Other than nausea, physically I feel great most of the time. I also participate in an online support group.

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