50 Lb Regain 5 Years After Gastric Bypass Surgery

by Jennifer
(Raleigh, NC)

It began after 5 years. I thought I had it beat. I had gastric bypass. I joined a gym and thought I was doing it right. I started to regain a little at at a time. I started weight watchers. I am scared. My title is fat girl regains it and she doesn’t know why…

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50lb weight regain after Gastric Bypass Surgery

by: Nadia Barhoumeh-Lee

Hi Jennifer,

It's very brave of you to write and ask for help, that's usually half the battle!

Most people regain some weight back after they lose... don't feel bad. The good news for you is that your surgery/weight loss tool still works. Many people forget that it's a tool to be used to help you manage your weight for life!

It's important to understand the good habits you employed to lose the weight after the surgery and get back to what works. Please don't waste time being upset with yourself, I want you to love yourself enough to health.

Here are some tips for you (follow the links for more information):

1. Keep a journal of everything you eat and drink

2. Avoid carbonated and sugared beverages

3. Focus on drinking ample amounts of clear water

4. Eat protein and vegetables. Focus on eating protein first at every meal

5. Avoid drinking and eating at the same time, give 20-30 minutes between them

6. Exercise if you haven't been, do something you love and don't hurt yourself

7. Join an in-person support group through your doctors office/hospital or in your community

8. You can also join my weight loss surgery support group through LS Free House. These weight loss surgery support groups groups are online and completely free.

9. Follow up with your Bariatric Surgeon, they can also help.

All the best,

Nadia Barhoumeh-Lee, RN
LS Free House

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