Acid Reflux After Bariatric Surgery Turned Out to Be Hernia/Twisted Intestines

by Tracy

What I thought was acid reflux was actually an inverted hernia/twisted small intestine. Here’s the story…

A year after bariatric surgery I was experiencing stabbing pains in what I thought was my stomach. I would go to the emergency room and be given pain meds and basically sent home.

Finally, after 2 years of this and a pain that would not stop this time in the emergency room, a CT scan was done. It took 3 opinions before they decided to do surgery to see if there were twisted intestines or a hernia. It was the bariatric surgeon who – along with the radiologists – suspected I needed surgery.

Fortunately, laparoscopy showed scarred and twisted intestines which my GOOD surgeon was able to fix without opening me up all the way. He said that usually twisted bowels do not go away, although he has seen patients who have complained with pain similar to mine over a period of time.

If this problem hadn’t been fixed and had continued, I could have faced death.

DO NOT let unexplained pains go. Even after scoping my stomach they found nothing, and I let it go until I ended up in the Emergency Room. You really need a bariatric doctor or surgeon to help you diagnose any strange pains. Don’t trust any doctor and insist on a CT scan if all other avenues show nothing.

I am feeling better and still healing. It’s been a week since the surgery and I’ll be seeing the doctor today.

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Return visit?

by: Julie

I am a 10-year RNY patient. And I'm wondering how often I should I return to a gastric bypass surgeon. My surgeon unfortunately moved further away from me and I do not wish to travel 400 miles to see him plus he is out of my insurance Network now.

5 years ago I unfortunately had a GI bleed but recovered from that without any complications nothing was found on an endoscopy surgery doctor said the medications probably stopped it or it stopped on its own, the bleed. I've been good ever since but now I am starting to have pains that I had a month before my GI bleed. I hate having to take medications like Prilosec I'm not sure what to do.

I could see my GP but most likely she would say I need to see a gastric bypass surgeon. I know if symptoms get worse I most definitely will see one. But my other question is how often should I see one? Everyone knows how expensive it is to see a doctor let alone a specialist thanks for your help.


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