All of my co-morbidities are GONE after bariatric surgery… and so is 140 pounds!

by Emily Gomez
(Keller, TX/Weight Lost Hope Gained Blog)


I had Laproscopic RNY Gastric Bypass January 22nd, 2009. At my heaviest I weighed in at 270 pounds with a list a mile long of co-morbidities and health issues.

I had High Blood Pressure (was taking Lisinopril), was Diabetic (was taking Metformin), obstruced sleep apnea (used a CPAP machine), restless leg syndrome (was taking Mirapex), anxiety (was taking Cymbalta), depression (was taking Cymbalta), acid reflux (was taking Nexium), joint pain (Advil and sometimes Lortab) and fatigue.

Heart Disease runs on both sides of my family as well as Diabeties and Obesity. I have struggled with my weight most of my life and took a hand full of pills DAILY just to stay vertical. Years went by that I sabotaged myself and my health with too much food, poor choices of food and lack of daily activity.

I knew I needed to do something but I had to be mentally prepared to make the LIFESTYLE CHANGE and not just think of this surgery as a “Diet”. In hindsight, that has been the most important part of it all… you have to change you mindset completely.

Once I was prepared to do so, I started my Pre-Op process which was 3 months of nutritionally supervised diets, education, and a psychological evaluation. I went on a 2 week liquid or “liver” diet to shrink the liver down since it is so close to the stomach, thereby avoiding damage to my stomach during surgery.

I stopped all of my medicines, some of them the morning of surgery and others the first year post op. The only things I take daily LIKE CLOCK WORK are my bariatric vitamin supplements, which is crucial to your long-term success as well as good food choices and exercise. It will help you to stay healthy, enjoy life, and get your health back–these are all the reasons we have surgery, right? So, take your vitamins so you can continue on down the path of good health and happiness after surgery!

I lost the majority of my weight within the first year after surgery. I have lost 140 pounds and I would say that 130 of those came off in the first 14 months. I am 2 yrs. post op and the last 10 pounds have gradually come off over the last 10 months.

Having this surgery has given me my health and life back. It has given my husband and children the wife/mother they deserve. It has afforded me so many opportunities and new friendships. I will be forever grateful for my tool.

In November 2009 and just 10 months after surgery, I walked in the Breast Cancer 3 Day! I walked 20 miles a day, three days in a row towards the fight against Breast Cancer! I would have not been able to do this had I not had my tool in place to help me loose the weight.

I am now a Patient Adviser for my WLS Center in which I advocate on behalf of the patients and their care while in the hospital. I have learned so much about myself that would have never been possible before.

I am very involved in weight loss surgery support groups, not only through the hospital where I had my surgery but also through online weight loss support.

For me, social support is the 2nd most important tool in weight loss success (right behind logging your food, thoughts, and exercise….logging in a good online diet journal is THE #1 tool needed to ensure success).

I am finally living life to the fullest, but I can’t do it alone. I have to use my tool, and other tools in tool belt to get the job done. I focus on the positive and not the negative. I choose my actions and the way things affect me, I choose to not be bonded to my disease that is Obesity and food addiction. I choose FREEDOM!!

My motto I live by goes like this…..”What I thought was freedom with food was bondage, THIS is freedom!”

I hope this post found you well and of interest. Please ask any questions you may have, I am an open book. Support is crucial to our success and I am here for you because WE ARE WORTH IT!!!!

Finish Well my Friends,

Emily G.

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Coming Off the Meds

by: Jenee

Your story and attitude is so encouraging and motivates me to keep trying. I have a question about coming off of the medications, most especially the Cymbalta. I, too, take a handful of pills each day, most the same as you. The one I am most concerned with however is the Cymbalta. I have heard that it is very very difficult to stop taking the Cymbalta because of the side effects. Did you find that you had problems coming off the Cymbalta? I meet with the Bariatric doctor on Wednesday morning. I had a lapband three years ago and initially did well, but began having serious problems. My insurance changed it's policy and no longer covered my lapband doctor, so I've had to find another doctor. I'm praying I like this doctor and that he can help me find my way to freedom too. Good luck to you! Jenee M California


by: Valencia

Today is my first appointment with a bariatric surgeon for I think the roux n y. I weigh 280 and am 5' 5", with severe diabetes (insulin pump), hypertension, GERD, and chronic back pain from a herniated disc and horrid pain and foot swelling. My endocrinologist told me that the surgery was my best and actually only hope for a fuller and healthier life: all he can do is keep increasing my dosage of insulin and I'm having complications from the high dose of U-500. I have had a weight problem all of my life, and have never been a normal weight. My first doctor supervised diet was at age 6! My endo says I have a strange and long term metabolic history and was prediabetic for at least 20 years before coming to him. Wow. So he highly recommends this surgery. Honestly, this will be the third time I have tried to do it. The first time they found I had an enlarged heart and treated it for a couple years. I was too scared after that. But now, my pain is the motivator. I can barely walk, must use motorized wheelchairs for distances, and I just feel bad in general. Your story helps me have hope. I have tried everything there is to lose weight, but never lost more than 30 lbs, and couldn't keep it off. I am afraid of complications, and I am a smoker, so I am concerned about healing properly. I plan to quit today with the nicotine patch. If I could be successful at this new lifestyle, I would be eternally grateful. Reading so much on this subject is quite scary for me, and I am concerned about being able to continue to work and support my family. But if I don't do it, I won't be able to anyway. So, thanks for your post. I hope you are always as upbeat and healthy as you sound, and you keep encouraging people to do what they should for a better life. God Bless...

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