Back to pre-op liquid bariatric diet after weight regain?

by Dorothy
(Colchester, UK)


I was 20 stones (280 lbs) pre-op and went down to 13 stones (182 lbs) after my weight loss surgery. But 3 years later I have crawled back up to 17 stones (238 lbs).

I am so angry with myself for allowing this to happen.

Can I safely go back to the pre-op diet of 4 pints of semi-skimmed milk, 1 oxo cube and 2 sugar-free jellies a day… at least until I regain some control of this added 4 stones (56 lbs)?

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Thank you Dr.Aceves

by: Dorothy Stewart

I read with interest your reply to my query.Yes,I would like any programme you have that I could safely follow.I had a gastric bypass done in March,2009.I have suffered no ill-effects whatsoever from this operation.It was a walk in the park. Thank you, in advance, for any further help you have to offer. yours Dorothy.

Re: Back to pre op liquid bariatric diet after weight regain?

by: Dr. Aceves

HI Dorothy,

Although going back to your pre-op diet for a while will not hurt you with any of the surgeries (you do not mention which one you have) in my opinion it is not the best solution for your situation.

The pre-op diet does not have a lot of nutrients.

My recommendation would be to get back on track not by doing the pre-op diet once again but by eating healthily and balanced. All weight loss surgeries have the same finality, limit what you eat so you can lose weight by eating smaller healthier foods.

Why not do this instead?

If you are ready to get back on track focus on nutrition and the weight loss will follow. It is very important that you give your body the nutrients it needs or else weight loss will be difficult, unhealthy and actually harder.

If your body is not nourished it will ask you for nutrients by being hungry so start by giving your body the nutrients it needs and make sure you are eating healthier foods. If you are eating healthy foods after any weight loss surgery you will not gain weight.

Call your doctors office to see if you can get a specific program to follow including grams of protein to aim for, carbs, water, calories, etc.

If you cannot get information, my office has information to share if you like.

Dr. Alberto Aceves

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Dr. Alberto Aceves

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Is safe to ho back on the liquid diet after you have had the gastric bypass

by: Kinina Montrice Cunningham

I would like to know is it safe for you to go back on the liquid after you have had the gastric bypass.

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