Bariatric Recipes from Dietitians, Fellow Patients & You!

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As any patient-turned-cook will tell you, bariatric recipes don’t have to be bland! But they should meet several requirements before you decide to make them.


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5 Tips for Choosing & Eating Bariatric-Friendly Recipes

Follow these tips to ensure that the bariatric recipes you put in your body are as safe as they are delicious…

  1. First and foremost, follow your surgical team’s guidelines. When in doubt, run any questionable ingredient or recipe by them before trying it.
  2. How long has it been since your surgery? Immediately following surgery, your doctor will start you on a liquid-only diet and slowly transition you to solids over the next couple of months. If you’re within this timeframe, it’s best not to push it with new, tough or fibrous foods.
  3. Which procedure did you have? Different procedures are associated with different dietary needs. See our Bariatric Vitamins page for more information by procedure. The recipes you choose should coincide with the special nutritional needs that correspond with your procedure.
  4. Don’t rush in to a bunch of new ingredients. It will take time to learn what your body will and won’t accept. Try one new ingredient at a time to make sure your system can tolerate it. If you find that an ingredient causes bowel movement problems, vomiting, chest pain or just doesn’t sit right, don’t eat it.
  5. Add any recipe you try to your diet journal, including details about its ingredients. If you have any problems down the road, it will help your surgical team to identify the culprit. (You do have a diet journal, right? If not, check out these free diet journal reviews.)

Recommended Weight Loss Surgery Recipe Books

The following books were written specifically with the weight loss surgery patient in mind. They include appropriate nutritional information along with by-recipe details about how long the average patient should wait to eat them after each type of procedure.

You can’t go wrong with any of them, so click one of the following to explore their contents and pick the one that best fits your taste buds!