My Bariatric Treatment Decision

by DYD
(New Zealand)


I have struggled with my weight since I was about 17 years old. 40 years later I have finally decided to take the plunge after trying numerous diets and attempting to follow Weightwatchers programmes for the entire 40 years. Sure, I lost weight but then always ended up bigger than ever before and am now 45kg overweight and growing. I was always the bigger one in my family and I have had to deal with tall, svelte siblings and children. It seems to me that someone always has some comment about my weight to make – have you lost weight; have you put on weight; have you tried this diet; etc. etc. etc. It has done no good to my self esteem.

I am sure that I have spent far more in my attempts to lose weight over those 40 years than what it costs for the surgery. I suppose I could call it a waste of money and ask myself why I didn’t do it sooner. Unfortunately, in my country bariatric surgery is very expensive and very few are available through the public system. To access that you need to be morbidly obese along with other factors. The chance of me getting the surgery through the public system is nil.

I am struggling with cholesterol, blood pressure, and issues with my legs as a result of a spinal injury and carrying too much weight. I hate myself at present. I wonder how the darling in my life can be attracted to me the way I look. Fortunately, he is very supportive although he doesn’t understand why I can’t lose the weight through traditional methods.

Three years ago, I was 30kg lighter but gaining weight at the rate of 1kg a month. I went to the doctor and got told it was me and that I should consider bariatric surgery. I have tried and tried to stop the weight gain but to no avail. It seemed the more I tried, the more weight I put on. Even the leader at Weightwatchers couldn’t understand it and I wasn’t cheating in my tracking.

My decision to access bariatric surgery was made when I sold my house and I have a bit of spare money available, enough for the surgery. I researched, researched, researched. I spoke with a few people who have had the surgery and they all say “Do it!!!!” On the flip side, they do say that it is not the easy option and have detailed the downside.

The final trigger was thinking about my father who at age 63 had a cardiac arrest, even though he was fit and healthy and never overweight. I don’t want to be in that same position. He survived and I will say it – unfortunately. He lived another 7 years with severe brain damage. They should never have revived him. I don’t want that and I can see I am heading that way if I can’t lose this weight.

It will be hard but I will succeed.

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