My body rejected the band – warning for autoimmune disease patients

by Leslie


This is long but maybe can help enlighten someone.

I had a band placed in 2002 after several years of being obese (50-90 lbs overweight) and diets failing me. I lived a conventional life and followed a healthier version of the Standard American Diet. I had Hashimotos Thyroditis but being treated by conventional docs was always told my multitude of health issues weren’t related to the Hashis and I should just lose weight and reduce stress). I had no clue (no Dr informed me) that if I had just changed my diet and lifestyle to heal my gut and stop triggering my autoimmune symptoms so they wouldn’t worsen that I could’ve avoided the surgery and lap band. I experienced lots of common negative symptoms with the band but because I was desperate to lose excess weight and feel good about myself, I stuck with it.

I ate an organic vegetarian diet with too much healthy junk food and dairy. Fast forward to 2010. I had a second child and an awakening. I made some radical life changes for the better. I ended my toxic marriage, switched to a healthy, whole foods and mostly raw vegan diet. I removed gluten, soy and eventually corn from my diet. I went to school to learn holistic nutrition. I gained massive energy and my pain levels and health issues were at their lowest in over a decade. My body easily shed the excess weight. I filled my life with experiences that served me well. My goal was to get insurance that would pay for the removal at this point. (2012) That was 4+ years ago.

Insurance denied as no complications were present and I couldn’t prove that my body didn’t tolerate the band due to my autoimmune disease. It didn’t take long for that to change because my financial situation changed and I got a 2nd job outside the home after 12 years being a stay at home Mom and a year of health coaching part time. I was limited due to hand & body pain not allowing me to perform the office work I had done previously.

Apparently, I choose bosses the way I chose partners – in need of fixing. I’m a highly sensitive and empathic person, so within 2 years, all the chronic stress came flooding back and took a toll on my health. My symptoms returned gradually, despite my healthy diet. I can barely exercise and I am very physically limited. I spend a lot of my down time resting.

It wasn’t until last year that I was able to get an insurance plan to cover all of the necessary tests to discover what I’ve said all along, that my body is rejecting the band and coupled with the chronic stress, my autoimmune disease is highly active and making me very ill. In three days I am having this band removed and while I’m fearful of the surgery outcome because the doctor gives me bad vibes, I’m excited to finally be getting my life back.

If you read all the way to this point, you’re awesome and best wishes to you on your journey.

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by: Michelle Davis

I had the gastric sleeve on the 13th of April and have been suffering every since. I'm constantly vomiting two to three times a day it could be from just brushing my teeth the smell of food Etc. I want this to end I'm wondering if my body is rejecting a sleeve if that's why I'm having such difficulties I need answers soon like yesterday.

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