Cheated on Pre-Bariatric Surgery Diet

I cheated on my diet two days before my surgery. I ate two ribs. I got right back on my liquids. Will this effect my surgery?

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Bariatric surgeon at CBGSA, Arcadia, California

by: Dr. Troy LaMar

Hi There,

Not a whole lot to add, since Yvonne gave a nice answer for you....

Having something a couple of days prior to surgery, that you will miss for a while should not be an issue at the time of surgery....the solids will be cleared already...

Just remember....if you don't follow the nutrition plan very closely postoperatively, you might not lose weight....

Be careful, and good luck,
Troy LaMar MD

los angeles bariatric surgeon

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cheating pre-surgery

by: Yvonne McCarthy

You are probably OK but you must not eat anything else except the liquids until surgery.

They could get in surgery and not continue if your stomach isn't clear of food but I think it's been long enough.

Are they having you drink that stuff to clear you out before surgery?

I know it is difficult but you need to talk with someone about why you are using food to self medicate (It's something we all deal with but more for some than others). If you don't get this sorted out you will not be able to follow the program afterwards.

Shame sucks the life out of us so we must find ways to avoid doing the things that make us feel shame.

I am glad you at least asked.

I know you're trying very hard. Try to distract your head until surgery.

After surgery you won't be able to do that stuff for several months so during that time you will need to form new habits OK? Please seek support and hang in there.

It's done. Don't beat yourself up.

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Dr. Lamar, your comment on the person who had a weakness during her liquid diet before surgery has given me new strength to keep to my liquids. It's day 8 of my 2 weeks liver shrinking diet. I am having surgery on 2/6/17 and wasn't struggling until today. I have three grown kids who are thin and eat constantly and I have to watch. It's been very hard. But your kind compassionate words have moved mountains for me. If my doctor can be as understanding as you were my post-operative regimen will go very well.

Sometimes it's not that we have to give in to impulses as much as it is the huge expectations of never making a mistake.

And Yvonne that really was nice as well. To the person who cheated I know what you are feeling and my heart goes out to you. Just remember there are many people who couldn't have gotten this far and maybe you could help others but my prayers will be you go through with no problems and have a healthy recovery


by: Shirley

My surgery is scheduled for before noon today, I had a taco for lunch yesterday, I did the prep and had nothing but clear liquids since then. Will surgery still be able to go forward?

I wasn't really cheating, I just thought it was after noon that I was on clear liquids only.

Cheated with a taco

by: Christina

How did your surgery go? Did that taco make a difference?

Were you honest with your surgeon did u let em know b4 surgery ?

Cheated by eating broiled chicken breast

by: Elaine M Espino

On my 8th day of my pre-op diet. My surgery is December 5/2017 my doctor told me to take 3 shakes and 2 yogurts a day. But two different days I ate 3 oz of chicken breast made in the oven.

Will that affect my surgery?

Sleeve surgery

by: Patrice

Surgery is Monday. I’m having a hard time with this clear liquid diet, can I stop eating on Friday?


by: Cheryl

Checking in at hospital at 6 in the morning and I at a damn sausage egg mc. muffin and hasbrown night before. Will that affect my surgery?

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