Collapsing Feeling in Lower Left Side During Difficult Bowel Movements

by Christine
(Long Beach, CA)


I’m simply not sure if this is normal but it never happened before my gastric sleeve surgery. I went from lap band to sleeve a little over a year ago.

Whenever I am a bit constipated and defecate, I get the feeling that something on my left side is twisted or collapsed. There’s also a dull pain associated with it.

It only lasts for about 10 seconds. It’s similar to the feeling of a muscle that tightens and is unable to relax–only it’s inside.

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Response to Collapsing Feeling

by: Marc Bessler, M.D. Columbia University

Dear Christine,

What you describe does not sound serious. While this may be unrelated to your sleeve surgery it is possible that some scar or tethering of your stomach pouch and colon may be to blame.

I certainly do not think that a discomfort lasting 10 seconds warrants any intervention. I suggest you keep an eye on the frequency, severity and duration of the symptom and mention it to your surgeon at your annual visit.

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