Coping with Holiday Food After Bariatric Surgery

by Mia


I am finding ways to cope with extra holiday food….I love to cook it and eat it, but not only is lots of it dangerous to have around, it can last forever at the amounts I can now eat.

Here are some ideas I’m trying:

1. Have the grocer cut a small turkey in quarters or halves and cook only a portion.

2. Give some food away. There’s a homeless man in our neighborhood and I make him meals and arrange a time/place to meet him and give it to him. I can even take hot food to him this way.

3. Freeze portions.

4. Make the soup/casseroles early in the leftover process and freeze them.

5. Give banana bread etc to neighbors and/or take to work. Don’t have big amounts around the house.

6. Just don’t make the candy. It’s too tempting for me, so I just avoid it, even though I could give much of it away.

7. I modify some of the baking with extra bran/whole wheat/etc to make them a better food and not so much “empty calories”

8. Try to find ways to add vegetables to everything (soup, casseroles, omelets, etc.

It’s still a struggle when shopping as I still want to buy food in the quantities I used to. If I really paid attention to buying what I can realistically eat, my freezer would be a lot less full.

I still get comfort from having a good supply of food around, but I am working on strategies to not have it going to waste or be too much to realistically eat.

Finding LS Free House has helped remind me to be aware. I am comfortable after a year, and find that I am NOT as susceptible to food binges as in the past before surgery (both cravings and volume), but still need to keep focused on healthy choices to avoid any future health issues.

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by: Patrick

Hi Mia.

Thanks for the great tips. Another resource for more tips and tricks can be found in weight loss surgery support groups. This is an excellent way to meet other people in a similar situation, get emotional support, and brainstorm the best solutions to common challenges after surgery.


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