Cost Range of a Gastric Bypass Revision

by Beth
(Midlothian, TX)


I had gastric bypass (RNY) in 2003, have started to regain my weight and am interested in getting a revision. I understand that I cannot get an exact cost but I would like to know an approximate cost.

I read on your site that there are 5 options as follows:

1. Shrink the stoma by injecting a sclerosant

2. Make the stomach pouch or stoma smaller using a device to create internal “folds”

3. Add adjustable gastric band (convert to lap band surgery)

4. Lengthen Roux limb

5. Convert to duodenal switch

How much would each cost, which would you recommend and why?

Thank you for any information you could provide.

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Bariatric surgeon at CBGSA, Arcadia, California

by: Dr. Troy LaMar

Hi Beth,

Revisions are becoming a bit more common.

However, the real question is, is there something that a surgeon can revise or not?

In our practice, we like to get an upper endoscopy on our patients who have gained a significant amount of weight, and are not grazing on the wrong types of foods.

If, the endoscopy shows a dilated connection at the pouch to small bowel, then we can perform a revision by laparoscopically narrowing the connection and pouch......this is really the only revision we feel is adequate.

Of note, again, is that if a patient has regained their weight by grazing on high carb foods, it is unlikely there will be something functional we can fix.

If there is no dilatation on the endoscopy, then it is up to the patient to get back on track...

In terms of cost....if insurance doesn't cover our practice it is about 20-30,000 dollars, which includes surgeon, assistant, hospital, anesthesia, and year follow up....

Hope that helps.

Good Luck,
Troy LaMar

los angeles bariatric surgeon

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Gastric bypass revision surgery

by: Gwen Forde

I have the gastric bypass surgery about 16 years now my pouch is open now I’m gaining weight back now my diabetes high blood pressure is back now I’m looking for a doctor who can help me on my weight loss journey again I need help please help me.

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