Dallas BBGC weight loss surgery support group

by Waning Woman
(Dallas, TX)

Since surgery, I’ve found all of my support online. One of the groups that I found online was the Bariatric Bad Girls’ Club (bbgc). They have a strong facebook presence and a message board only open to registered members.

A small group of Dallas bbgcers decided to start a North TX chapter and have a real life support group meeting. I attended, and it was my first non-virtual support group meeting and it was a wonderful experience.

Being around people that understand what you’re going through, both physically and emotionally, is a really good feeling. No matter how understanding people are, unless they’ve had surgery, they will never really get it.

The thing about the bbgc support group is that there are pre-ops, post ops succeeding, post ops regaining, revisions, all walks of people. The discussions there are very real, sometimes heartbreaking, but mostly encouraging. Our last speaker is a weight loss surgery patient who is now and endurance athlete!

If you’re in the Dallas area and you’re looking for a support group, come check out the North TX BBGC.

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Having gastric bypass surgery tomorrow

by: Steve

Hello, I am looking for some new friends who is currently or has already been through Gastric weight lost surgery to collaborate and help each other.How do I get connected? My surgery is at Baylor downtown tomorrow at 7:30 am and I am so excited. But want to make sure I learn the best way to enjoy life post surgery and lose the weight and keep it off...How do I get connected? Feel free to contact me.Steve

when are the next couple of meetings for the BBGC in Dallas?

by: Anonymous

I had surgery last week in North Carolina, but I live in Dallas and would like to find a good support group there. Thanks!

Still Meeting?

by: Karen

Was wondering if the group is still meeting? When is the next meeting (it is March 17), and where? Thank you


by: Anonymous

We meet twice a month at Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, 10am on Saturdays. Our next meeting will be August 27th. They are every other Saturday after that. Our Sept 10th meeting is canceled because we will be in New Orleans for an OH conference. The one on Sept 24 will be at the Dallas Walk From Obesitywaningwoman@gmail.com

Location, Date & Time

by: Anonymous

Where is the BBGC Support Group and when does it meet?

Dallas support group

by: Julie

Glad you found ths group. Sounds like fun!!! I would most definetely suggest some sort of support group for everyone.

Still having meetings

by: Victoria

It's Monday May 30th 2016...are y'all still meeting and if so when and where?



by: Ann

I just had the sleeve and I need a support group.

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