Deciding if I Should Have Surgery…

by Shazel
(Nashville, NC)


I am 15 years old. I am in the 9th grade and I live in North Carolina and I have been talking to mother about surgery for me. I am 5’8 and Approx. 288 lbs. This is the biggest I have ever been in my life at this point.

I play basketball and softball but I am very “slow” at running and it’s always hard for me to catch my breath.

My weight was always fine until I got into the 5th grade. I just slowly started gaining weight and eating a bunch and I would never be able to stop. On my mother’s side (even her) everyone is very big and having problems I don’t wanna have in the future, even though now my doctor says I am on the border line of having type 2 diabetes.

I was wondering what would be best for me to do now that it has come this far and I don’t want it to go any further.

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Should I have weight loss surgery at age 15?

by: Nadia Barhoumeh

Hi Shazel,

You have so much courage to address your weight and treatment options. I believe the sooner you address your weight concerns, the better.

First of all, it's really important to work with your doctor and your family on a good course of action. I think surgery is a last resort option for someone your age.

It sounds like there's some genetic predisposition for obesity in your family which makes it even harder for you without a short and long term plan for your weight management!

I would highly recommend working with your family, doctor, dietician, to address your eating habits and make lifestyle changes - this will help. You will have to make changes with or without surgery anyway. Surgery is a tool which requires behavior change, otherwise it doesn't work so well in the long-run.

Not saying you should or shouldn't have surgery, you have to know that surgery is very serious and it is permanent. Making the changes in how you eat and live will prepare you for surgery if you ever decide to have it.

You are welcome to join our online support group, you can click here to join and learn with your mom if you like. Learn as much as you can before making such a big decision.

Best wishes,
Nadia Barhoumeh-Lee, RN
LS Free House

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Last resort

by: Cassie P.

Shazel, you a braze soul to ask for help at such a tender age. Have you tried consulting your family Dr. about going on a well-balanced diet?

It sounds like you are active just having a hard time recovering from the activity. I know for myself eating healthier meals with 3 days of exercising has improved my health and weight gain. It is a lifestyle change either road you travel on to becoming healthy.

I wish you much success!

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