Encouragement for weight struggles after bariatric surgery

by Traci Baker (Bariatric Life Coach)
(Indianapolis, Indiana)


Something that tugs at my heart is when I hear about fellow WLS friends who are struggling in their post op lives and don’€™t reach out because of guilt, embarrassment and fear of being judged, etc. Instead they go incognito and start flying under the radar, meanwhile their struggles grow stronger.

Because of society many of us have been ostersized and ridiculed for so long based on our weight, that we become obsessed with €œNumbers & Physical appearances in our lives. Therefore, when those Numbers€ on our scales start going back up and our €œPhysical appearance changes (pant/shirt sizes) we immediately think anyone who sees us will once again €œjudge€ us.

We are embarrassed, we feel like a failure and the negative talk kicks in saying things like I ha€™ve already gained 10lbs what’s it matter if I gain 5 more? We get sucked into life and those who talk negatively to us or about us and we start to believe that our numbers define who we are. We become distant, stop attending support groups, don’t go to follow up visits, some deal with transfer addictions and sometimes we self-sabotage without knowing it. We allow ourselves to give €œPOWER€ to those stinking numbers whether that’€™s on the scale, the tag on our clothes or a comment someone directed at us.

We have to find the strength to take the power away from the numbers and it i€™s not easy to do alone. The WLS community is filled with people who have experienced the same struggles that can be an amazing support system along with a wealth of information.

Having weight loss surgery is not about what €œnumber€ the scale says or about the number on our clothes tag, it is about living a healthier life.

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by: Julie

Thank you for that reminder that we are much more than just a number.

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