Ever Heard of Lap Band Port Coming Through Stomach Wall?

by Lynda W.
(Belleville, ON.)


My husband and I both have a lap band. He has had a red inflamed area over his port for a few months now.

He asked the fill nurse about it and she said it would be okay. Instead, it got more sore and redder.

Then a few days ago, it stopped hurting as much and when I looked, I could see part of a metal ring coming through the skin. Since then the ring has continued to work it’s way further out.

He went to see a lap band surgeon and he is going to remove the whole band and let his body rest for 6 months.

My concern is that they aren’t doing surgery til the end of April and my husband is restricted in what he can do without putting pressure on the port and the open wound.

I have never heard of this happening. Has anyone else?

Also, why would they leave an opening in his stomach for that long? Is there not fear of infection?

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abdominal wall

by: adele

im going through this right now and going in for surgery in two days to remove. with me its the tubing conecting the port to the band that has worked its way out, in the past 24 hours 4cm has come out.

any update?

by: Anonymous

I read about your Husband's port issues, I am having some problems with mine as well, it hasn't come trough the skin yet but I'm sure it's going to. I wanted to know what your outcome was?

watching carefully

by: Lynda Wood

We have been to both the hospital and the surgeon since my husband's port first broke through the skin. The surgeon is going to remove the entire band system and let it rest for 6 months. we are waiting for a surgery appt. probably in April he said. Meanwhile, it has been almost a week and we see more and more of the port showing through. We have started to bandage it and put fucidin cream on. Yesterday the opening started to weep a thin fluid tinted a bit yellow with some blood in it. My husband is trying to avoid any lifting, bending, etc. i am going to phone the surgeon's office today since they have not called with a surgery date yet. I feel very nervous about this open wound in my husband's stomach. There is redness about 2 inches around it. Lynda

Re: Ever heard of Lap band Port Coming Through the Stomach Wall

by: Anonymous


We have seen this a few times. Sometimes the body reacts to the port and opens up, the body rejects the port, sometimes years after surgery.

In my experience surgery is not the first option.

I prescribe antibiotics to the patients, sometimes 2 rounds of antibiotics. If the body reacts to them the opening will start closing on it’s own and nothing else needs to be done.

If it does not, then an endoscopy is a good idea to rule out an erosion (the endoscopy might be done even before the antibiotics too).

If the band has eroded into the stomach the band and port need to be removed.

If there is no erosion, I remove the port only, local anesthesia; tubing is sealed and band is left intact. After 3 months I place a new port in the other side of the abdomen by laparoscopic surgery.

This has worked in all cases we have seen. Some patients do not need surgery, some bands need to be removed and in other cases ports need to be replaced. Each patient is a different case and I need to see what exactly is the problem to solve it properly.

Dr. Alberto Aceves

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Dr. Alberto Aceves

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by: Tanna

Mine is the same way. I had it done 5 years ago and it got red and sore. I went to the ER and they said it was infected but the lap band Dr won't do anything. It's literally sticking out, my belly is swollen like if I was 9 months pregnant and my muscles are very sore.

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