First Choice Insurance (through Kroger) Denied Our Gastric Sleeve Surgery

by Chassy
(Arlington, WA)


My husband and I are both scheduled to have gastric sleeve surgery with a surgeon in Washington. We jumped through all the hoops…

– We’ve rescheduled 2 times
– We wrote the perfect appeal letter
– We have many letters to them from Washington’s best gastric surgeon
– We have literally been the perfect candidates

Our surgeries keep getting pushed out, but I wont leave the insurance company alone until they give it to us. After all, even Medicare covers it.

Furthermore, it’s in the insurance company’s best interest – we will end up costing them way more in the long run if we don’t get the procedures.

Our surgeon’s office says to do our pre-surgery diet and just keep our dates as he is going to talk with the insurance company… we will see.

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by: Stacy

Did they cover it? What hoops do they require pts to jump through normally? My doc referred me to a bariatric surgeon who is requiring me to go to a seminar first before I get to have a consult with them. I have the same insurance so what do they require before we can actually get the procedure? Thanks.

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