Food & Water Won’t Stay Down After Bariatric Surgery

by Marjie


I ended up back in the hospital a month after surgery because even water would not stay down. After some tests were run I found out that it was because the entrance to my stomach had swollen shut. As a result, everything I tried to take would get stopped then come back up.

I was in the hospital for a week and a half on steroids until I could keep water and broth down.

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Can't eat meat.

by: Sandra Trowbridge

I had bariatric surgery where the Dr. put a ring around the entrance to my stomach. I can't eat meat, bread, pasta, rice, anything that I don't chew to mush. This was done approx. 7 years ago. I am limited to cheese, cereal, some soups, salads, bananas and very little else. I lost around 120 lbs but have gained approx. 30 back.

Can you share some additional details?

by: Jeff

Hi Marjie, Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Can you share some additional details? Some of my initial questions are: 1) Which surgery did you have? 2) Was anything else done in the hospital to help you heal? (e.g. medications, IV, etc) 3) What did the doctors say about the issue? What did they do specifically to test for this problem? Is it something that they had seen before? How common did they say it was? 4) Is there anything that new patients can do to avoid this issue? 5) In the month prior to being readmitted (the month between your surgery and going back in to the hospital), what did you do to try to manage the issue? Thanks so much for your help!! Jeff

Same Boat!

by: Delisa

I can't keep anything down. Trying to burp, but just spitting up brown fluid. They've just given me steroids earlier, but it's not working.

Can't keep food down

by: Angela Marie Taylor

I am 8 weeks post opp last visit i was at 27% weight list which ws good since i was suppose to be at 28% but i cant seem to keep food down. I have followed all the rules, but no luck I cant seem to keep liquids down, what can I do but overall I am good.

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