Frequent Vomiting One Year After Lap Band Surgery

by Christine

My mother had gastric band surgery last year and has been on the new diet since then. But about six months ago she went to the surgeon because she had been vomiting continuously every time she would eat certain foods.

He emptied her band completely and said it was all in her mind. He also said that she should just stick to eating soup.

I’m questioning whether this is all in her mind or something more serious because now and for the past six months she still cannot eat certain foods without vomiting or regurgitating the food back up. Why does that happen? Is there something wrong?

You would also think that because she is vomiting that she would be losing more weight but she has not lost any. Why is this?

She can drink fluids and everything like that but cannot drink and eat at the same time. He also did a swallow test and found everything was normal and the band was normal even though some of the foods she ate didn’t stay down.

I’m worried that she is going to have to continue on vomiting out her food for the rest of her life… what would you recommend? Is this a normal side effect of lap band surgery?

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5 years after band and still vomit weekly

by: Anonymous

So I've had all the tests done as well to find out why I vomit after all this time and no answers. I can't eat a lot of food these days and mostly eat soups. I make homemade so I can control salt and fat. I had all the fluid taken out of my band 3 years ago and if I could take this thing out, I would. It's something I'm considering but dread going through surgery...with that said, I' dread eating these days because I know what will happen. I always have a spit up cup with me, in my car, at my desk at work (hidden) and at home. My Dr tells me to consume liquids, but seriously? Who can only eat liquids every day? I can't eat chicken at all by the way. I've lost 74 pounds over 5 years. I have regrets with this surgery but know I will overeat if I ever got it taken out. My daughter had the sleeve done last year (we have the same bariatric surgeon) and she hasn't had any issues with it. She's lost 60 pounds in a year and continues with focusing on her last 40 to lose. I was happy to come across this site and find all the posts with my same issue of vomiting. Not a fun way to live. Changes may be coming for me soon. I can't live this way.

Lapband ripoff?

by: KC

I have known several people that got gastric bypass surgery, and with my constant weight problems, I decided to check it out. This was in 2009, and here in Las Vegas lap band was the new rage. The Dr's convinced me the band was better. As many of you can imagine, I was just so desperate, I went along with it. No matter how loose the made the band I had to stay on a liquid diet only taking small sips at a time, but I lost over 100lbs in 9 months, so I dealt with it. I was malnourished, had severe hair loss, but was happy to be thin. When they adjusted the band, I maintained at a weight of 35kbs heavier than my goal weight. If I got it tightened, started throwing up all food again. Now I'm 100lbs overweight, throw up all solid food. Help!!

keep spitting up everything i eat

by: R

Hi C i am having the same problem as soon as i take one bite. I am feeling really bad and helpless. i had a colonoscopy, endoscopy, upperGI, esophagi, 2 MRI, 4 Cat-scan. up till now the doctors don't know what's wrong, and to find out that i have a cyst on my Kidney and a mass on my adrenal gland. i am tired feeling depress somebody help me please.

Always throwing up

by: c

I have had my band in for 2.5 years and pretty much throw up every meal I eat to the point I rarely eat in front of someone else. I always have a "bucket" with me when I eat because something is going to come up. I have a bite, throw up, have a bite, throw up. Its extremely inconvenient but doesn't hurt. Whenever I do go out in public I usually have to excuse myself at least twice at dinner to go to the restroom and throw up. I have only lost 30 lbs in the 2.5 years. Very disturbing but not getting much help from my clinic.

Rip off

by: Trudy

I had the lap band due to diabetes. Every time I eat I get sick. I was told it's safe yadda yadda in reality I helped buy a Mercedes. Stupidest thing I have ever done. I would like to get it out The doctor tells you what you bs and because you are so desperate you believe it. I don't lose weight I just stay sick. No fun If you need to lose weight don't have the lap band it's a nightmare.

This is identical to my issue!

by: Qelilah Solomon

I have not been told this is mental yet, but my clinic removed the liquid. I am not sure if this was the cure, but I have slowed down considerably. It has taken about a year. Wheat products seem to be my culprit. And I got so tired of vomiting I put myself on soups and veggie drinks. Now my PCP is suggesting gastric sleeve. I am doing research on it now.

surgery 2003

by: Anonymous

I had this surgery in 2003. Lost 108 lbs and have maintained a 95 lb loss. The secret is not so much the how big the bite is but how well you chew. Any fiber that cannot be completely chewed into almost liquid form....should be spit into a napkin and never swallowed. Drinking is not a problem until you do it knowing food has not cleared the banded area.

7 yrs. since Lap band

by: Anonymous

Eat SLOW and Very small bites (never heard the blueberry size, so thank you for that!) is the way to avoid these vomiting episodes. I cannot seem to avoid drinking with my meals...I have been brain-washed by Weight Watchers mentality to DRINK, DRINK, DRINK to "fill up!" Definitely not the way to go with the band. Does anyone have suggestions on how to avoid liquids while eating?

My Story!

by: So annoying!

Oh I had slimband that's the same thing done here in Canada and my doctor told me I have to eat blueberry bite size mouthfuls and wait 15 seconds between swallowing if I don't I throw up and I just did the biggest NO NO of all I had water before I ate so I am still throwing up what I call " the slime" it's a mixture of any liquid you just consumed and stomach bile I can feel the food go down my throat when I eat and if I eat something that's bigger then a blue berry it hurts going down! I start crying and squirm in pain then 50% of the times it goes down and right after that I'm fine!!! But I feel fuller now I have lost 40 pounds and counting! If u decide to get this procedure done the time line for weight loss is not the same for everyone and you will NOT lose a lot of weight unless you can afford to eat fresh food ALL. The time most people can't that's why they eat what's as cheep as posable!

Response to: Frequent Vomiting One Year After Lap band Surgery

by: Dr. Aceves

Hello Chrsitine, Your mom needs to avoid vomiting or her band can slip from its position and she will have to deal with that as well. If she already knows that certain foods cause her to vomit then she needs to avoid them. Although the band should allow you to eat everything just in smaller portions in reality there are certain foods that do not agree with the band and need to be avoided. These foods vary from person to person. This is quite common. She should avoid these foods in particular and not “fight” her band. Weight loss surgery patients should not drink and eat at the same time. Liquids and solid food should be kept separate. This is part of the new way of eating instructions patients get before surgery. It is important that your mom makes sure she is getting all the nutrition her body needs. If she is not getting everything she needs through food she needs to take supplements. Meal portions after weight loss surgery are very small so supplements are needed to get daily nutrition. If your body is not getting all the nutrients it needs it will tend to hold on to what you have and she will be hungry so nutrition is key. Since her band is already unfilled and it is fine, she should be able to eat solid food and not stay on liquids forever. I believe her dr suggested liquids for a period of time to help her stomach un swell and heal after she had been vomiting so much. If she has a vomiting episode it is best if she stays on liquids for the rest of the day to help her stomach. If there is nothing wrong with her band it might be the way she is eating and what she is eating that causes her problem The band might not let her eat a certain food she was fine eating a month or 2 ago, she needs to just avoid it for a while and try it later on if she so desires.

Ins and outs of the band

by: Cbarlote

I have the lapband and let me assist. First of all, there is going to be some foods that people with lapband will NEVER be able to eat (such as certain types of bread and steak). From experience if you attempt to eat a food on two separate occasions and it does not stay down then that means it is a food that can't be tolerated and probably should not be tried again. Second, if you attempt to eat more than 4 ounces of food it will come up. Weighing the food and eating exactly four ounces is what this procedure calls for. You eat three ounces of protein first and then one ounce of whatever (such as veggies). Finally eating and drinking is never allowed together. You have to separate the two by at least one hour. It sounds like your sister needs to go back to her doctor and discuss these issues.


by: cr

I have had my band for almost 2 years. I lost an initial 72 pounds and have regained 20. I am happy with the weight loss and until recently, I had no issues. I began vomiting violently, VIOLENTLY, about two months ago. I couldn't keep water down, no morning coffee, not even broth. I went to my clinic and they performed an upper GI and saw that from vomiting I had created folds or "stress folds" around the top of my band. The solution was to remove all of the fluid. Happiest month of my life. I was able to eat...not a lot, but eat. I went back to get it filled after 30 days and was scolded by the nurse because I had gained 8 pounds. Guess what? I didn't care!!! So, that was 3 months ago. And now again, I am throwing up just about everything. even liquids. It is beyond frustrating. I am considering just having it emptied and living life with the band empty. What I don't understand is why I am having issues now, I haven't had problems for two years.

Banded and here are my thoughts

by: Barbie

Hi everyone,

I needed this today - thank you for sharing your experience with us all!

I was banded in May of 2011. My highest weight was 329. I had serious sleep apnea, arthiritis, back pain, you name it, I had it. I wasn't working much at the time so this was all paid through my insurance at the time. I went through months of getting the request submitted, the horrendous waiting period of having someone call me back to let me know if they'll approve of this surgery. Once approved, I had to go through numerous hoops such as getting the proper contact information and insurance folks to schedule everything.

The date was set but I had to wait 8 months. During this time, I was advised to lose 40 lbs and I barely lost 10 lbs on the day of surgery. Trying to adjust my eating habits was SO HARD and it's still hard with the lap band. It's seriously a mental thing. That is why they make you get a psych evaluation prior to the surgery (or at least I had to).

My first year, I only lost 60 lbs due to getting pregnant. I gained it all back + 20 more with the pregnancy.
My doctor refused to let me have any fluid in there so all fluids were removed. I ate and ate, of course.

After I had my baby, I made sure to go back in and get fluids in and even THAT was a process because each time, I had to pay out of pocket (since it was past the insurance coverage range). I got 4.5 cc' back into my 11cc Realize band.

I was DETERMINED - went to the gym 4-5 times a week for 1-2 hours per visit. I lost 40 lbs in 4 months. I continued losing weight...down a total of 70 within a year or so. However, my eating was the hardest part. I got stuff on EVERYTHING. Water, sometimes.
I still liked the unhealthy stuff and still eat it in moderation.

To this day, I still get stuck even when I eat tiny bites and it's because I am too tight. However, a lot has happened and I haven't had the chance to get an unfill. I have lost a total of 100 lbs now and I feel good. I still work out 3-4 times a week and i Went from a size 24-26 women's to 13-15. I have saggy belly skin and that's the only thing I'm not happy about - but I am very grateful for the experience.

I get all of you. I get the bucket being next to you, the throwing up, the mental battles, the frustrations!! But you all can do it. That's why having a support GROUP is SO, SO important.

Thank you for reading and best wishes to you all! xoxo




update!!! I had the lap band removed. It had slipped severely and it was twisted. My surgeon said I needed to have it done asap and that if I didn't do the surgery to remove it, it was cutting off my blood supply. My esophagus had some stretching as well so I wasn't a candidate for the sleeve procedure, at least not for a year. I didn't realize this had happened and I was shocked. Now that the band is out, I'm amazed how good I feel now. I have to be careful and watch what I eat so I don't put weight back on but its strange, I still have the mindset of when I had the band in. I still only eat little bites and its kind of amusing how your mind still stays in the mindset to do things a certain way when I don't have to anymore. Its a good thing though, I need to be careful not to put the weight back on.

So for any of you that might be having issues, go to the dr and have them do an upper GI. Don't wait. I had no idea my band had slipped and now knowing the symptoms, I would have gotten the band removed a loooooooong time ago.


by: Brenda


I had the lap-band 2/9/09. I lost 85 pounds. Late 2010, I was hit with thyroid issues and had to take a pill to kill off my thyroid.

The pill was radioactive iodine. I had to quarantine myself in my room for 2 weeks. The pill turned my life upside down. I started gaining weight back. My primary would tell me my weight gain was from my thyroid and my lap-band doctor would say it was because I was eating too much.

The lap-band doctor made me upset so I just stop going after that. I might have went back two-three time. Now for or the last 5 months I can't keep anything down and have lost a lot of weight. I do drink protein drinks for some sort of nutrition.

Sunday morning at 4:55 am I awoke to doubling over, stabbing pain, that almost leaves you breathless. The pain is so intense that it will cause me to vomit. I'm not a hospital type patient so I am refusing to go to the hospital.

However, tomorrow I will be making an appointment with my lap-band doctor. This pain is rough! It starts at both sides and rolls around to my front and stabs me right between my ribs. I guess the proper word would be epigastric region.

been there and still going thru it

by: chunkiebutt

I had the lap band done Dec. 2015. I was told right from the start that it would be a mind thing and would have to re-think how I ate. Since the surgery, I have lost almost 75 lbs and I still throw up almost daily. It is a matter of what I eat and the quantity. I can not have anything like crackers, bread, pasta, rice but I can have mashed potatoes and yams so I get creative with making meals. I couldn't eat lettuce at first but now I can at times.

When I do eat, I feel it STUCK in my chest because it won't go down! It makes my back hurt so I go and relieve myself and go on. I will probably have to go back to a liquid or partially liquid diet such as hash, mashed potatoes with cut up eggs, etc. I found that smothering my food THAT I DESPERATELY WANT TO EAT in a sauce helps it to go down but I also will put weight on if I continue this practice.

Good luck to all who have had this or similar operations. Pay attention to what your body is telling you and see the doctor when necessary.

Lap band - could this cause low potassium and cardiomyopathy?

by: Anonymous

My mother has had the lap-band probably for the last 7 years. She is constantly puking after eating and at night. She says she doesn't but we all see her running to the bathroom. In my opinion, it is almost bulimic behavior but she isn't doing bc she wants too. Just seems to be part of her routine.

Well recently she clasped. She was rushed to the ER and treated for a "cardiac" event but left with more questions. She was diagnosed with an irregular EKG (not sure what term) and then low Potassium. I say the potassium is low bc of the puking. Then recently had a stress test (nuclear) being diagnosed with a form of cardiomyopathy (unspecified). This to me all seems to be connected but I am not there to give my side and she won't tell the doctor about the puking.

I am not a Dr. but geez this is crazy to live this way.

Anyone else have these types of diagnosis and/or know of someone with a similar experience? I do have a medical background so this may not be connected in any way. I just want her to get better.


by: Carol

I had the lap band surgery in 2010. Since that time, I've lost 175 lbs. I still struggle with what I want to eat versus what I should eat. I have thrown up off and on for all seven years. I push my luck sometimes and try to eat what I shouldn't.

I just live with it and make better choices next meal. It was the best thing I've ever done for myself and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Good luck to all!

Update to the update comment above

by: Julie

Sadly, I gained all my weight back after having the band removed. I had no choice in removing my band. It had slipped and got twisted around my stomach. I’m so disappointed the weight is back on and let me tell you, it happened FAST.

With that said, I was so sick with the band and I didn’t even know. So my words of advice is if you’re vomiting all the time, go have an upper gi done to confirm if the band has slipped. I didn’t want my band removed because I knew I’d put the weight back on but it’s not worth your health being compromised.

I cried and cried when I knew it was going to be removed. I felt a sense of doom and knew I would put the weight back on but I couldn’t live my life with vomiting after eating. I don’t have to take a barf bag with me anymore!

I can try to lose the weight, and I will try. Just go see your doctor if you are vomiting all the time.

Cant take prescriptions

by: Gay

I have had the lap band for about 10 years. I lost 115 pounds and have not gained but 5-10 pounds back. But like many of you I have recently started to vomit at least 1-2 times per week. It is mostly when I take my vitamins and prescription medications and some foods. I never know which food or drink is going to cause the vomiting.

I have tried to my meds on a full and empty stomach and they still come back up. I'm wondering if this is common or maybe should see the doctor? Last time I went back they took all the liquid out to let things heal. I was good for a while and then it came back worst than it was the first time.

vomiting all of the time

by: karen

I have had my lapband for 4 years. I find it to be helpful with controlling my eating. However using it as a 'cap' for eating is not what it is designed for. My band has been empty for about 18 months. I have a prolapse which is my esophagus has lapped over the band. this causes me great distress especially when I'm sleeping.

I try not to eat after 7:30 (I get home from work at 6:15). I go to bed about 9pm and if I sleep on my left side I will get acid reflux to the point of burning and then needing to throw up. Needless to say my sleep is maybe 3-4 hours solid every night. If I sleep on my right side, I begin belching most of the night. Sleeping on my back is good only if I sit up.

Sleep is very essential to weight loss. Without a good nights sleep I'm wanting to eat the next day. I eat fast, which you should not do. I begin with soft foods but that just doesn't satisfy. even sometimes oatmeal makes me vomit. I drink water, I vomit. I eat soups with a few crackers (soggy) and that comes back. sometimes it's so ridiculous with the food getting stuck I drink water fast to get rid of it. today, I haven't had a lot to eat and vomited over a 12oz cup. it's disgusting - especially at work.

I have contemplated on getting rid of this band and getting the sleeve. I thought this would be less invasive, but have had problems from the start. I even tried a 10 day 'restart' thinking that would shrink the prolapse, but it didn't work.

I spoke to the doctor about a year ago in regards to taking this out and doing the sleeve. He was all over it; that it would be an 'easy' thing since they'd already be in there to do it all at once. then the insurance was brought up - my insurance does not cover it. I paid for the lap band out of pocket. His whole demeanor changed. I had to do an inquiry for financial responsibility. ridiculous.

So I just try my best to not throw up. Guessing eating anything of substance is out of the question unless I don't my losing it later. Not losing weight, but not gaining. I guess that's okay. I'll eat something I want and know the consequences.

Best wishes to all.

Lapband still vomiting 9yrs aftet

by: Cindy

It's been 9 yrs since mine and still I vomit every time I eat sometimes even with liquids.

Reply to vomiting

by: Cw

I had lap band 6 years ago no issues. Your doctor is giving bad advice.

You should NEVER drink fluids while eating. Only afterwards, and give your stomach a few minutes to process the food. If you do not chew your food properly, that can cause issues and possible vomiting. Chew your food until it's like applesauce then swallow.

Chunks of food will not pass the reduced size of the band. Realize some foods you just can't eat anymore. Moist foods are best. Bread does not work well . For me eggs don't work well probably because they are hard to chew. They slip down the throat before you can chew properly. Constant vomiting is real bad for the esophagus and your mouth.

The point of the surgery is to lose weight and change your life for the better. Not to see how much you can eat before you puke.

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