Gastric Balloon Insertion & Removal: What To Expect

by Jana
(Worcester, MA)


What does it feel like when the gastric balloon is inserted? Does it hurt? Is there a difference between different balloon types?

Also does the surgeon’s technique matter?

And how about when it’s taken out? What is that like?

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Surgeon response to "Gastric Balloon & Insertion: What to Expect"

by: Ross McMahon, MD

There is a fullness, and some nausea +/- vomiting for the first week or so. You might also get some cramping during the first week. After that most patients cannot feel the balloon. There is no difference between types of balloons.

The surgeons technique can matter as to how easy it is to insert and whether there are side effects such as sore throat etc.

Removal of the balloon varies from patient to patient how they feel. I start my patients on an appetite suppression medication to combat any rebound hunger that might occur.

Ross McMahon, MD

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