Gastric Sleeve Complications: Leak, Stenosis and Kink in Sleeve

by Beverly
(Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA)

June 25, 2012 I underwent 5 1/2 hour surgery for a sleeve gastrectomy. The length of the surgery was due to extreme amount of scar tissue due to a previous exploratory surgery.

After surgery, my upper GI indicated a very tight sleeve. One week after surgery, I began with severe left-sided pain. After a week of trying to get the doctor’s attention that something was wrong and three times going to ER, they finally admitted me.

The leak was at the top of the stomach, with a fistula extending to a pocket of infection next to my lung and heart. I also had a pleural effusion. The infection and the pleura both had to have drains put in them.

I was not allowed to take in anything orally. Total parenteral nutrition (PTN) was fed intravenously.

After a week, an esophageal stent was put in place. Three weeks later, after taken off PTN and the drains no longer produced any fluid and I was taking in a full liquid diet, I was sent home to recuperate. Finally the stent was removed after two months.

Two weeks later I began to vomit. Upper GI showed stenosis and a kink in the stomach (similar to the plumbing under a sink). I received an endoscopy dilation which offered a little relief but suffer from extreme belching after eating. About 3-4 weeks later, I began to vomit again. Now I am awaiting a call to see if we dilate the stomach again or put a stent in.

If it could go wrong, it did. I have lost 56 lbs, but earned every pound. Currently I seemed to have plateaued due to not being able to eat more than 3-4 tablespoons of food at a time. Hoping there is an end to this tunnel I am in.

I understand I am an exception to the normal outcome. I have since found out that the doctor who performed my surgery is no longer privileged to practice sleeve gastrectomy at the hospital.

I originally went to a group practice and a hospital both Bariatric Centers of Excellence, so I did not question my doctor’s expertise in this area. I probably should have.

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similar complications

by: angela

I went to Tijuana, Mexico to have my revision done- lapband to sleeve. I saw the surgeon that I had previously seen twice. But as soon as I got back I started having complications.

I had a leak and clot leaving my spleen I was so sick that I was in the hospital for a week. The leak caused a blood infection - I needed a PICC line and feeding tube for two months. I had drains and a splint put in and was off work for over two months.

Finally, I am healed up and all that stuff is out. But guess what? I am still hungry a lot and not losing any weight. Many of my bills are coming in now and THEY ARE NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE because it was bariatric related. My surgeon is not taking any responsibility. Be careful out there - this was the worst experience of my life!!!

Kink in sleeve with a large hital hernia and tortuous esophagus

by: Renie

I am over 10 years out. The past year has been horrible. I throw up every meal. At times throw up medications and do have minimal acid reflux. At times the hernia puts more than 1/3 of my stomach in my chest cavity causing me to feel like I'm having a heart attack. I'm becoming constipated at times.

I realize the ital hernia is causing a lot of problems, but I'm sure my tortuous esophagus and kink in my sleeve isn't helping. Is the kink in the sleeve the same as a twisted stomach. I had an endoscopy last week to have a bravo capsule inserted, but due to the size of my esophagus and hernia they aborted the procedure and put the 24 hr probe down my nose when I woke up.

The only acid was showing when I sleep, but I threw up all day. Has anyone ever heard of this and also how is it treated. I have always been below my glow weight, but from January to February I put on 30 lbs due to my doctor changing my anti-depressant to Efexior.

Nothing is going right at this time. I worked very hard to get and keep my weight off. You would think that with all the throwing up I would actually be dropping weight and not gaining.

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