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I’ve been reading gastric sleeve reviews for Mexico, and the reviews feel inconsistent. I was hoping to get feedback on a few different topics:

1. How much does gastric sleeve in Mexico cost?

2. Are the surgeons in Mexico safe?

3. What else should I know about getting the gastric sleeve in Mexico?


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by: Patrick

1. How Much Does Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico Cost?

Most reviews for gastric sleeve in Mexico report paying between $4,000 and $10,000 dollars. Some hospitals work with travel agents to “bundle” packages. Bundled packages often include:

  • Pre-operative costs (EKG, chest x-ray, blood work, and more)
  • Gastric sleeve surgery
  • Post-operative costs
  • Hospital stay
  • Airfare
  • Ground transportation
  • Hotel
  • Travel health insurance

You also have the option to only purchase your gastric sleeve procedure, then arrange your own travel. Travel packages are convenient, but there may be opportunities to save money by avoiding extra charges from medical travel agencies.

Health insurance will not cover the cost of your gastric sleeve in Mexico.

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2. Is Weight Loss Surgery In Mexico Safe?

Gastric sleeve reviews in Mexico often praise the safety and experience of their surgery. On the other hand, some reviews report concerns about safety. So how do you know which hospitals are safe?

The best surgeons and hospitals in Mexico are monitored by accrediting bodies. Accredited hospitals are committed to the highest level of safety and quality care.There are two types of accreditation in Mexico:

  • The Joint Commission International (JCI)
  • The General Health Council (CSG)

Gastric sleeve surgery at accredited hospitals is the best way to ensure you receive medical care that is comparable to the United States.

Some hospitals and clinics are not accredited but maintain an excellent safety profile. These providers typically:

  • Perform a high volume of surgeries each year
  • Have an emergency room in case of complications
  • Specialize in one or two types of bariatric surgery

Regardless of where you’re considering surgery (accredited or not), contact their medical office and ask the following questions:

  • Is the surgeon available for a phone consultation before surgery?
  • Is medical complication insurance included in your package?
  • Are former patients available to provide references?
  • What is your complication rate after gastric sleeve?

In addition, you should read gastric sleeve reviews in Mexico that evaluate your prospective surgeon. Researching the reputation of your surgeon is an important part of the screening process.

Important Recommendation:

Arrange for post-surgery care before travelling for surgery in Mexico. This can be done by contacting doctors and surgeons that will work with you locally. This increases safety and reduces the risk of unresolved complications when you get home from Mexico.

3. What else do I need to know about weight loss surgery in Mexico?

Reviews on gastric sleeve in Mexico often go into into detail about their travel and the quality of care they received. These reviews are typically positive, often highlighting the various perks of surgery in Mexico, including:

  • Successful weight loss
  • Health benefits
  • The excitement of travel
  • Faster approval process
  • Comfortable environment in a warm climate
  • Ease of travel to Mexico

In addition, patients should know that gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico produces the same weight loss results as surgery in the United States. For more information, see our page on Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico.


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