Gastric Sleeve Patient Sick After Eating with Nighttime Cough, Indigestion & Reflux

by Patty
(Baltimore, MD)


I had VSG (vertical sleeve gastrectomy) on June 10 and had a history of IBS before.

Sometimes I get extremely sick hours after eating. It usually occurs after ingesting decaf coffee. During the night I will wake up coughing with this “gas slick” feeling from my stomach all the way up to my throat. It feels like indigestion and is painful. But it also feels like I have to throw up but I can not. It feels like fluid backing up and like its aspirated into my lungs because I get this “raspy” cough with it. I’m able to cough up a gooey spit but nothing else.

The only relief I have is maalox. Even that doesn’t help right away. I lose sleep and can’t lie flat for hours afterwards.

Have you heard of these symptoms and is this dumping syndrome? I know the decaf is probably the culprit. I don’t have sugar with it but do have vanilla creamer. I don’t have this problem any other time.

Thank you, Patty

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Surgeon response to "Gastric Sleeve Patient Sick After Eating with Nighttime Cough, Indigestion & Reflux"

by: John Rabkin, MD


Reflux symptoms are a common complaint of patients who have undergone the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG.) This is at least in part due to the 'high pressure' nature of the VSG anatomy.

These symptoms typically improve over time with the accompanying weight loss as well as with pouch enlargement.

This is not 'dumping' which is a manifestation of rapid delivery of calorie dense nutrients into the small intestine.

The good news is that you've identified the source of your symptoms so that you have control over your situation!

Best regards,
John Rabkin, M.D.
Pacific Laparoscopy


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