Gastric Sleeve Recovery – Day 4 Post Op

by Michele S
(Columbia, SC)

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I went in for gastric sleeve surgery and came out within 70 minutes. I had my hernia fixed as well.

Coming out of surgery was tough for me because I was heavily nauseated and sick. The first whole day absolutely nothing to drink which was hard because of dry mouth. Incisions were sore and the hernia caused me the most pain.

The next full day I started liquids and I got sick throughout the day. The nausea meds and pain meds helped keep me calm. I got out of the hospital around 6:00 the next day after surgery.

Coming home I wanted to sleep and rest. I was worn out. The next day I woke up, slowly started my liquid intake, and was able to keep everything down. Throughout the day I had 8 oz of broth for lunch, 2 protein shakes (approx 5 oz.), and 1 sugar free Popsicle. I continued to drink water and unsweetened tea with sweetener.

Gas pains and incisions make things harder and uncomfortable. I am 4 days out and feeling ok. I am taking it easy and following directions of my surgical team.

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