Gurgling sounds in upper chest after gastric sleeve surgery

by Darlene
(Milford, Maine)

I had the gastric sleeve, and I notice that I have a gurgling in my upper chest. When I take a bite of pudding it hurts, and I noticed tonight that my belly area under my belly button is hot and hard.

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Gurgling sound

by: Anonymous

I am 5 weeks post op and I too, get this gurgling feeling in my chest. I've had 2 swallow test done, because I was concerned that it was coming from a leakage. After both test, I have been reassured that there is no leakage and that it is the stomach processing whatever I may have eaten or dranked.

I was advised to take 1-2 Gas-x gas strip when I experience this sensation. I've experienced the gurgling twice since and the strips have helped.

Gurgling in Chest and Throat

by: Anonymous

I get a gurgling sound in my chest and throat everytime after I eat. It can be quite loud and embarrassing.

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Response to Gurgling Sounds in Upper Chest After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

by: Jeff on behalf of Dr. Gregg Jossart

Following is the response from Dr. Jossart, bariatric surgeon and LS Free House Advisory Council member:

"I agree with the [previous post]: call your surgeon, usually an Upper GI x-ray can be
done to verify the anatomy is OK."

a little clarity...

by: Julie

When did you have your sleeve done? Is is recent?? If so, please call your surgeon and tell him of this issue. On second thought... call him anyway. I am by no means a doctor, but hot and hard signifies infection to me. I could be wrong, but better safe than sorry. JMHO

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