Health Decline & Weight Regain 3 Years After Bariatric Surgery

by Debbie
(Maine, USA)


I had bariatric surgery 3 years ago. I lost 135 lbs. and felt GREAT. Then suddenly my health started to suffer.

I have to admit that I made some poor choices with my diet, and due to the fact that I vomit every day, I don’t feel I am getting enough

I had my appendix burst which took a couple of weeks to mend. Two months later, I needed to have my gallbladder removed, as it was green slush.

As I was recuperating, I needed an endoscopy. The doctors found I had a yeast infection in my esophagus.

My point is that since my health issues, I have gained 20 lbs and can’t seem to lose it. As I stated earlier, yes, I have had snacks, etc., but can’t help wondering about all my other issues. (One more thing, I went months throwing up)

I hope I didn’t bore anyone, I just needed to talk.

Thank you and God Bless you.

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Weight Regain

by: Nadia Barhoumeh-Lee

Hi Debbie,

Its a pleasure to respond to you and I hope my comments will be of help as I can't give specific medical advice.

I just want to say that you have been through so much and I'm confident that you can get back on track. Its so important to follow up with your doctor about the vomiting. The body is not a machine and everything that effects you physically also effects you mentally and spiritually.

Be sure to be kind and patient with yourself and know that you had an amazing success in the past and you can do it again. Weight loss surgery is a tool that you have for life!

Once you know the principles of using the weight loss surgery, the weight will come off again. The principles I refer to are:

1. Eating protein at every meal

2. Taking your vitamins

3. Drinking enough water

4. Exercising

5. Regular follow up with your doctors (Bariatric Surgeon and primary care doctor)

6. Manage stress and eating habits that support your success.

Attending support groups and learning from other peoples success and challenges is extremely valuable.. build on previous success!

Please consider joining an online support group if you don't have access and or in addition to your doctor's support group.

Take care,
Nadia Barhoumeh-Lee, RN

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DISCLAIMER: This educational advice is based on the depth of your question and the details provided. The above should never replace the advice of your local physicians as they have the ability to evaluate you in person.

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