Help with Liquid Pre-Op Diet

by Kathy

My surgery (gastric sleeve) is November 13th so I have to start my diet October 30th. I was told to have a protein shake for breafast and lunch and then a sensible dinner focusing on protein. They also gave me specifics on which types of protein shakes to drink (low calorie, low carb).

For the liver to shrink, is it more the number of calories consumed, amount of protein, or liquid nature of the diet that works best?

While protein shakes are filling, there is also that between-meal hunger. Do I just deal with it or is ok to have some like clear broth, tomato juice, or other liquids (as long as they are low calorie low carb) to stave off hunger?

I have a long commute so I rise early. I have been drinking a protein shake for breakfast on my way to work (around 5:30-6:00 am) for several weeks now. I generally eat lunch around 11:30 but even though the shakes are filling I am always hungry before then.

Any suggestions on what to consume to help keep hunger away and still keep my liver shrinking for surgery?

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Pre-op diet

by: Anonymous

Do you know if is it ok to eat the egg whites of hard boiled eggs as a snack during the two weeks of my pre-op diet? and would this keep my liver from shrinking enough? Wasn't sure if I could or not, but I just wanted to check because this would help me get through the mornings after I have my shake and I had not seen any mention of it on any other blogs or websites.


by: Sharon Ivy

Hello, when I was on the Liver Shrink diet, I did protein shakes for breakfast and lunch but I also did a snack. The snack was a fruit cup (like pineapples, peaches or mandarin oranges). Also, there were unlimited starches vegetable's that could be eaten. I made an cucumber, onion and tomato salad and I loved it.


by: Anonymous

Thank you Dr. LaMar that is most helpful.It is funny that you bring up beef jerky because my oldest 2 daughters just love it and always ask to get some when we are grocery shopping or stopping for a snack etc. Recently I was questioning my decision to let them eat this thinking it would be high in fat and calories. So I decided to check out the nutritional information (which I should have done long ago) and was surprised to see how low in calories it was. I guess this make sense since it is more or less dehydrated meat..just never thought about it. I also love it so that will be a great thing to help me through the next 2 weeks.Thanks for the reply. I am very excited about my decision and am trying to do everything my doctor tells me to the letter so I can get the maximum benefits out of my surgery.

Bariatric surgeon at CBGSA, Arcadia, California

by: Dr. Troy LaMar


Congratulations on your decision! We too have our patients go on a 2-week preop liquid protein does indeed help you lose some weight, which means the liver will shrink some......this helps us get to the stomach at the time of surgery.

So, it is very fair to drink some non-caloric fluids in between meals to help with that hunger pains. Also, beef jerky can be a great source of protein and is low in calories....The point of this preop plan is to get some weight off... don't worry about counting calories.

Just get 80 grams of protein in per day and don't take in any carbs or fat and you'll be fine.

Good Luck!
Troy LaMar MD

los angeles bariatric surgeon

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pre opt diet before gastric sleeve

by: steph

So do I have to do all liquid for the 2 week pre opt before gastric sleeve? Or is it just cutting out bad carbs and sugar? If its just liquids what is the best protein shake to use?

by: John Anderson

Hi Steph,

Your doctor should have given you specific pre-op diet instructions. If he/she did not I would first contact their office and ask what they would specifically recommend.

You can also check out our page on the gastric sleeve pre-surgery diet.

Hope that helps! Let us know how everything goes with your surgery!

LS Free House

pre-op diet

by: elyce

I am in the middle of my pre-op liver shrinking diet. My nutritionist suggested the 2 protein shakes, but then for lunch a protein bar. I made my own protein bars which are WAY better than the store bought ones, cheaper and fewer chemicals.

So far its been ok, and not near as hard as I had thought.

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