Honey in Bariatric Diet?

by Teri

Is it safe for honey become a part of my regular bariatric diet? I tolerate natural sugar from fruits but would like to know how honey fits into the mix.

How does it compare to fruits and sugar? Can it cause nausea?

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Bariatric surgeon at CBGSA, Arcadia, California

by: Dr. Troy LaMar

Hi Teri,

In brief.......honey is sugar, or a carb.....just as the sugar in fruits are......

This, along with fruits should not be a part of your diet.....

The problem with honey and fruits, is that the food just slides through the pouch.....if you graze or use fruit often.....or honey as a sweetener, you will take in way too many calories.....you may regain weight, or at least not lose.

If you need to sweeten something, use an artificial sweetener, one without any calories.

Good Luck,
Troy LaMar MD

los angeles bariatric surgeon

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by: Kathleen Flower

The question about honey didn't answer my biggest question which is does it cause the dumping syndrome? Like sugar does, will it cause the same symptoms as sugar? No one wants to ingest too many calories, but I have avoided even a bite of something with honey. I can NOT ingest sugar, but fructose doesn't make me ill. Will the honey make me ill?

Artificial sweetners

by: Jillis

Don't artificial sweeteners have the same effect on our bodies as regular sweeteners (aside from calories)? Is it really that horrible to use a small amount (1 tsp) of raw mountain honey in my oatmeal or coffee? Especially if I am struggling to get enough calories?

It seems arguable that things are not as cut-and-dried as they seem.


by: Monica Hantz

I had gastric bypass surgery five years ago. I eat a healthy diet that consists of solid dense protein, vegetables, and fruits. The sugars and carbs in fruit are much better for us than dairy or any other food choice.

I have reached my goal and maintained. People should not eat processed foods. We had surgery to get healthy.

Real concern

by: Desiree

I have not yet had my surgery and this is a question for me. I do not tolerate artificial sweeteners as they give me severe diarrhea. I rarely use sweeteners at all but like 1/2 tsp of honey in my coffee.

About 1-2 times a month I eat oatmeal and add 1 tsp of honey. Will I have to cut this out? I have recently tried sweet and low and stevia again as my surgery date gets closer and had diarrhea more than 20 times from 1 package. This would really effect my hydration after surgery.

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