I have not been tested for the obesity virus, BUT…

by Mindy


Knowing whether or not I have the obesity virus is something I would kind of like to know. The reason why is before I had my lap band surgery I ate like what I thought was a normal person. I did not ever eat a LOT, but I did eat the wrong things.

BUT I was 110 pounds to 140 pounds until I had my kids. Then the weight came on and came on BIG TIME! 80 plus pounds after both kids. It would not and did not come off until surgery. I also have PCOS which causes excessive weight gain.

So… after I had my surgery and learned that the band works because there is a nerve that runs down the back of your spine that your stomach is affected by. When your band is filled it presses on that nerve and tells you your full.

When I am not filled I Am hungry ALL THE TIME! What does that tell you? Something physically is going on. An obesity virus? Maybe, I would be curious to know.

Would I take the test? Probably not… I agree it should be held off until a cure is found. BUT I do believe at some point in time they will find out that being obese IS an actual medical condition… something is “wrong” in the body or brain.

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