Immediate Post-Op Eating with the Gastric Sleeve

by Waning Woman
(Dallas, TX)

Following weight loss surgery, you need to treat your stomach like that of a newborn. You couldn’t just let a newborn eat a burger or give it more food than it could tolerate.

While your stomach is healing, your surgeon, like most, will want you on a liquid diet for varying lengths of time. I was on mine for two weeks and during that two weeks I had lot of RTD protein shakes, Opitfast, and cream based soups.

Your intake will be so low at this time, that it is really pointless to worry about carbs or protein or anything like that. But make sure to stay hydrated!! I will repeat… STAY HYDRATED!!! Sip around the clock.

Unlike most people, I was immediately progressed to regular foods after my two weeks on liquids. The only catch was that they had to be finely minced and chewed very well. During this time I chewed NO LESS than 40 times. Very deliberate, very slow.

Also, I made sure that the food that I ate during this time was 2.5 ozs (74 ml) or less. During this stage of healing, its very difficult to gauge fullness as your nerves are still healing. You do not want to stress your stomach and end up back on liquids.

Later in your journey you will find that you CAN tell when you’re full, but just take it slow. It’s super important to wait a FULL 30 minutes after eating to take a drink.

As time progresses, there will be a little leeway in the rules, but in the immediate postoperative period, abide by the rules.

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