Lap Band Slippage Symptoms

by Melissa

What are the specific lap band slippage symptoms?

It’s been seven days since my surgery and I feel like I have slippage. If I put my hand on my stomach, I can feel the band and it feels like it is located really close to my belly button. Is that normal?


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Response to Lap-Band Slippage

by: Dr. Marc Bessler, Professor of Surgery Columba University Medical Center

Dear Melissa,

It is highly unlikely that you have a slippage only one week after surgery.

In fact what you feel near your belly button is very likely the port that was placed to allow your band to be adjusted. The band is placed around the stomach which is way up under your ribs and deep enough in your abdomen that it would be impossible to feel from the outside.

Slippage is when the band gets pushed lower on the stomach than is intended and is usually the result of overeating or vomiting over time. The most common symptom of slippage is similar to a band that is too tight and is acid or food reflux or regurgitation.

Usually, X-rays are required to definitively diagnose a slip though the symptoms of having more difficulty with eating and drinking and acid reflux may make your doctor suspicious.

Please discuss your concerns with your surgical team. Emptying any fluid from the band is often a first step if x-ray confirms the diagnosis.

In your case I would be very surprised if there was a slip.

Good Luck.

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I think my band has slipped

by: Tracey

I have a bruised pain/feeling just underneath my breast along where my port is.

Could this mean my band has slipped?

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