Lap band surgery complications

by Theresa B
(Roselle, IL)

Now three years after lap band surgery, I just had 3cc of fluid removed from my band today because I am considering removing the band. Now I taste a back up of acid from my stomach? Is this normal?

I have gained back weight and have had side effects like a bleeding ulcer in my stomach? Has anyone else had issues like this with their band?

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Bariatric surgeon at CBGSA, Arcadia, California

by: Dr. Troy LaMar

Hi Therese B,

You have had many of the commonly experienced issues lap band patients are having out there.

So, no you are not alone.Weight regain, band slippage, ulcers, and the need to have the band removed......

Since you have significant reflux, you might want to consider a conversion to a gastric bypass, which will put you back on road to weight loss, and it should fix your reflux disease.

Good Luck,
Troy LaMar MD.

los angeles bariatric surgeon

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Lap-band failure

by: BLA

I too had my lap band removed. Was successful until the band 'flipped'. I ended up in emergency room.

youre NOT alone

by: E

I was banded 4 yrs ago. Lost 90 lbs, gained 30 back, and am sick almost daily: stuck, vomiting.I sought out another surgeon. I'm trying to get conversion to gastric bypass. My problem is, my insurance does not require pre-authorization. Is vomiting almost daily a complication? I'm frustrated and understand how you feel. I just want this lap band removed, life for me is miserable with it. Good Luck to you

Forgot to add

by: Mindy

I forgot to add that I have slipped my band twice. I was the model patient! At this point if I could afford to get my band removed, I would. Do I think it's the docs fault? No. My fault? No.I personally think the smaller bands are to blame. They allow you to lose weight quickly but also allow for more slips. If your having acid reflux you need to see your doc asap! I feel your pain! Related Pages: Lap Band Problems & Lap Band Complications

Yes, I am having problems

by: Mindy

I went to get my fill today. I had my barium swallow and when he filled it, the barium sat there! Nothing, so he backed off, nothing sat there... he backed it out to .01 and still NOTHING! Sat there... he took all of it out and the barium barely trickled through. He said I have scar tissue or something that has built up. I can either have the band repositioned (not recommend), or I can and probably need to have it revised to a gastric sleeve. Nothing major is going on for me now - I am not having any problems - BUT I could at any time, if I got sick or something because I do not have much "wiggle room" so to speak. The cost for the new gastric sleeve surgery? $13,000! It's basically 2 surgeries, one to have the band removed, wait 3 months, then have the sleeve done. Sooooo, I am going to have to do what I can on my own for now to lose the 50 -- count them 50 -- pounds I have put back on!I am very upset and disgusted with the situation and partially myself. Part of this is my fault for eating the way I have the past year when my band had next to nothing in it!

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