Lost 7 stones after weight loss surgery but have regained 2 stones

by Dorothy Stewart
(Colchester Essex, UK)


I was 20 stones (280 lbs) before weight loss surgery, then I went down to 13 stones (182 lbs) in 2 years. But now as I approach my 3rd year, I weigh 15 stones (210 lbs).

I am slowly but surely regaining weight by falling back into my old habits that made me fat in the first place, namely eating crisps.

Please help. I am so disappointed and angry with myself. I am a 55 year old diabetic lady.

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Thank you Jeff'''''''

by: Dorothy

Many thanks for your interest Jeff.I will look into what you suggested. All the best, Dorothy.

Options for tightening after gastric bypass

by: Jeff

Hi Dorothy,

In your last post you wrote, "with the bypass being permanent, I doubt if there is an option of surgery to tighten my stomach?"

There actually ARE a few good, non-invasive options.

See this gastric bypass revision page for information about the 5 types of revision surgery.

Good luck, and please continue to keep us posted!


thank you beth

by: Dorothy

Thank you Beth for taking the time to reply.I had a gastric bypass. It was such a simple procedure and I was out shopping just 4 days later.With me I think they should've done a brain transplant at the same time, because I feel I need a complete overhaul to handle my persistent snack-eating habits.I know it is all down to me. I think much of my problem is boredom eating and feeling lonely.I choose to live on my own after my divorce in 1998, raising my children on my own. Now they have their own homes and lives.I am back to square one regarding snacking. I also feel my stomach has stretched and holds so much more.With the bypass being permanent, I doubt if there is an option of surgery to tighten my stomach?Good luck with your constant quest against obesity.Dorothy

It's not uncommon, really

by: Beth

Hello, Dorothy. Unfortunately, your story is much too common. I'm not sure what type of weight loss surgery you had, but I had the lap-band. I have most certainly struggled after the initial weight loss myself. The problem is, with most of these surgeries, you can cheat. Add to that the fact that weight loss surgery doesn't address what made us use food to self-medicate in the first place. I'm not sure if something is occurring in your life that has you turning to snacks, but can you exchange it for something like exercise (even if it's just an evening walk) or healthy snacks. I know it can sound easier said than done, but it does truly require behavior modification more than just surgery. I am just shy of my third year (as of November 21st) with my band, and I've had a love/hate relationship with it. I have finally found a happy medium where I realize that I MUST eat well, AND I MUST exercise at least four times a week. That's just a fact of life. Surgery doesn't negate the need to do and eat the right things -- the tool aspect of surgery is to help us with portion control for the most part. I wish you luck in getting back on track and re-losing that weight again.

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