My Bariatric Treatment Decision & Outcomes

by Anonymous
(San Diego, CA)


I was tired of being overweight, working like a dog in the gym, gaining more and more weight, then if I could not spend 2 hours in the gym, gaining weight back.

I struggled with my weight all my life…I got big about age 4.

I developed high blood pressure. I was depressed. (I have struggled with depression all my life. I still take anti-depressants and see a therapist and psychiatrist for my psych care even after weight loss surgery.)

I hated my body. My lowest weight before weight loss surgery as an adult was 220. I was wearing size 3x clothing.

I tried diet after diet. My family was obese. I was made fun of and humiliated for being who I was.

Despite my depression problems I found that bariatric surgery was a good option for me….It would only help to prevent further health problems.

My labs have been good, my vitals are good, the quality of my life is overall better and I can move without pain.

Am I perfect? No. Would plastic surgery perfect my weight loss outcome? Probably.

Do I have some loose skin? Yes. Did I need an open surgery hernia repair? Yes.

I am not made of money, nor am I a surgery junkie.

I would caution anyone considering weight loss surgery to realize they will be going through changes in “life as they know it”…

Such as: family members and significant others not understanding, or perhaps even resenting the changes in your body for the positive (mine did).

Relationships changing. More attention.

Recovery from major surgery. (It is no joke and it takes time to heal physically as well as adjust psychologically. Don’t underestimate the psychological piece.)

Learning to modify behavior is extremely important. You may sabotage your weight loss surgery if you don’t comply with your dietary restrictions and respect the surgery as a tool, not a “fix”.

Am I happier with my body? Yes.

Am I wearing an 8/10 like I did at my highest weight loss? No.

More like a 12/14.

I have to step back and look at the progress and the overall changes and be happy with as well as I AM doing and what I have achieved.

Have I gained weight? Some.

This is not uncommon. I have learned to be happy where I am.

Is it extremely important to have your labs done and take your vitamins and minerals and extra calcium (and iron at least in a multi) if you are a menstruating female? YES.

Make sure you do not jump in to the process without fully understanding the risks and benefits so that you can make your experience as positive an outcome as you can for yourself.

Be gentle with yourself, and realize you are more than your body.

A newer, pain free body or a body in less pain, does not mean everything in your life will always run smoothly.

My father has passed away. My boyfriend and I have broken up and gotten back together at least 3 times during all the adjustments.

Realize you take your friends and family on the journey with you.

It is a big decision and takes effort to adjust and deal with life on life’s terms despite a nicer body.

Be well, and good luck to you, whatever you choose.


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