My Diet 2 Years After Weight Loss Surgery

by Gail J.
(Boonah, Qld, Australia)

Two years after weight loss surgery and I am eating less solid food as time goes on. This may be because I find it easier to mix up a shake than decide on what to eat, although I do prepare my husband’s meals.

My usual routine consists of morning coffee, followed by a two hour walk with the dog. I then have a shake for breakfast with a multivitamin and a fish oil tablet.

Morning tea can be a cracker and a slice of cheese or just cheese or just a cracker with vegemite with coffee or a glass do skim milk.

Lunch is a shake.

Afternoon tea can be half a banana or half an egg with a drink of milk.

Dinner is another shake fortified with yoghurt.
I will then have several glasses of skim milk, water or cordial throughout the day as I get fairly thirsty.

I have maintained my weight loss down from 90kg (198 lbs) to 60kg (132 lbs) and do not get any viruses.

I do however get tired at times and sometimes when I am tempted to eat something like a scone or cake, I will be ill.

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