My Food Journal is My Scale!

by Yvonne McCarthy
(Dallas, Texas )

Yvonne doing yoga

Yvonne doing yoga


We definitely are not “one size fits all” so the method that works so well for me may or may not work for you, but I’m going to share part of what’s helped me maintain my 130 pound weight loss 10 years out in case it makes it easier for you.

Several years ago I heard a bariatric surgeon explain the journals he had his patients do every day. He had them journal their food and journal how they felt when they ate when they weren’t hungry. It sounded pretty tedious to me and later on in the talk he explained how he stayed slim.

He said, “I get on the scales every morning and if I’m over my predetermined weight, I adjust for the day until I’m back where I should be.” That was exactly what I was doing (instead of using a journal) and it worked for me.

Every morning I visualize what that number should be and almost every day it’s exactly where I want it to be. On the days that it isn’t, I don’t freak out. I am actually grateful that I know about it before it ends up being more than a pound or two and I’m confident that I can fix it while it is small.

In the past I could pick up five pounds in a couple of days and five pounds is definitely harder to lose than two. I’ve been using this system for nine years and it works perfectly for me.

Will I ever use a food journal? Perhaps if I had some unexplained weight gain but I know my body really well and I eat a lot of the same things every day because my relationship with food is more fuel than entertainment. I personally cannot afford to have a “party in a plate” anymore. After losing weight I have found many other new joys in life that don’t cause me to gain weight.

I hope that whatever system you use is working for you! If you have any questions about mine feel free to ask (click “click here to add your own comments” below).

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