My Gastric Sleeve Journey So Far

by Murray Pike
(Goose Bay, NL, Canada)


I started my weight loss journey on March 15, 2013. I attended a mandatory clinic at the HSC in St. John’s, NL and made a definite decision that I wanted to get sleeved.

I started at 326 lbs and with help from my girlfriend (best friend in the world), I weighed in at 291 lbs 12 hours prior to my surgery on Aug. 5, 2013. I had been struggling with hypertension for about 20 years, I had been diagnosed as a border line diabetic in 2010 and I have been using a CPAP for sleep apnea for a little over 8 years.

Today is Monday Aug. 26, 2013. I have not weighed since Tuesday Aug.20. At that time I was 266 lbs and I fully expect to be below 260lbs when I weigh tomorrow evening.

I have not experienced 1 milli-second of regret since my surgery, which went very well.

I had a lot of gas pain on day 1 post surgery. It lasted for approximately 8 hours and was really uncomfortable.

There was some minor discomfort from the surgery but nothing significant. I returned to work 7 days post surgery.

I walk 30 minutes per day right now and am hoping to double that after my first doctors visit on Sept. 3, 2013.

I’ve been on the fluid diet sine the surgery and dine on a WHEY powder protein fruit shake for breakfast, a Danone Tropical fruit greek yogurt and Jello pudding for lunch and chicken broth and cottage cheese for dinner. My total daily fluid intake is 3000ml – 3500 ml per day and i still track my daily food intake & exercise. Drink water, water & more water!

No problems with my incisions. All 6 have healed very well and with the exception of a few low energy periods I feel great.

My journey has seen me loose 60+ pounds and my BP is now near normal with my Blood sugar running at 4.8 – 5.3 since the surgery. I have a permanent smile on my face!

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by: Viv

Hi Its been great to read all the comments. My surgery is next Friday 27th Feburary 2015. I am excited and sacred. I know this sounds silly my worst fear is voimting !!! Will get back on the site after my surgery.

Gastric sleeve by pass

by: Gino

I started my journey June 9.2014 where I Was 326 pounds size 48 waste with high blood pressure sleep apnea machine for sleeping was a smoker also. 3 different type of blood pressure medic I had enough. On June 9 I decided to take charge of my life went to my doctors got there ok for the surgery. So on October 15,214 I went in for for surgery Wayne 309 pounds as 1/20/15 my we is 234 pounds now wearing a size 38 pants and a large shirt never been happier also in the gym 5 to 6 days a week and feeling so good. As of 1/20/15 I'm down to one blood pressure pill and almost rid of my CPAP machine Great rewards with the surgery this decision I ever made in life


by: deb

hi! congrats on doing so well so fast! i am just wondering how things are going now, a year later. i am very excited but nervous about having such a big surgery for such big changes. i am now 5'6" and weigh 346. any advice would be great as i approach this. and i think i have settled on the sleeve vs. the bypass. thanks a bunch! deb

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