My pregnancy after jejunal-ileal bypass surgery

(BC, Canada)


I had jejunal-ileal bypass surgery in 2002. The weight loss wasn’t as quick or easy as I expected but I was able to drop 100 pounds and still had 60 to go. I wasn’t trying but became pregnant in 2005.

Because it was a surprise, I forgot to inform my surgeon until half way through the pregnancy, and I found out at that point that I should be having monthly blood work to ensure adequate nutrients for the baby’s growth and my health.

My local physician hadn’t had a patient with my surgery previously so it was a shock to him too. I had some difficulties getting adequate vitamin/mineral levels, but I was much better with non-coated pill or liquid vitamins.

I was lucky to have found some good internet info about pregnancy weight gain with obese patients, so luckily only gained 9lbs during the pregnancy. I had a healthy 6 lb 6 oz baby boy at almost 42 wks and was extremely comfortable throughout the whole pregnancy.

My suggestion would be to keep up to date with the yearly appointments with your surgeon so you know your starting nutrition is good. Have a clear understanding of how the surgery effects how the nutrients are delivered in your system, and be prepared to be creative when it comes to getting adequate vitamins… especially with prenatal ones that are coated.

I couldn’t absorb them so had to use immediate release vitamins or liquid several times through the day. Make sure to advocate for yourself, do some research, and eat well.

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