Needing Weight Loss Surgery Support Group

by Brenda Seelbach


I had Duodenal Switch weight loss surgery 18 months ago. About two months ago, we move half way across the country from Kansas to Virginia and I am really missing my surgery team from Kansas.

I am in the process of getting all those parts and pieces back in place, including the new doctor so I can get follow up care and advice and a new weight loss surgery support group. So far, I have found a good group but have not made it to any support group meetings due to all the hassle/hectic-ness of setting our new life.

Three things I am looking for are:
1. An active group who meets each month and gets involved.
2. Associated with a Bariatric Center of Excellence.
3. Has great speakers and interesting topics they are offering.

Hope I am not missing anything. Any of you been in the same boat?

It is a bit hard to have left my old surgery group (who I really liked and respected), but I think I can get resettled here in Virginia with the new weight loss surgery support group, get what I need and hopefully help others who are seeking help and camaraderie.

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Comments Virginia

by: Brenda Seelbach

Hey Beth and Julie, thanks. I am sure things will start falling into place.

your move

by: Julie

Sorry, I don't have any advice for you, since I am in Colorado. Just wanted to say good luck finding a group that fits you well. I know how important this can be.

Hi, Brenda

by: Beth

I can't help you with the stuff you're looking for, but welcome to Virginia. I moved here six years ago last month and I love it here. I hope you find what you're looking for.

Need a support group,person,team all the above

by: Del

Had my sleeve in Nov of 2017 but I started eating bad about 3 months later.I don't no how to get back on track. I'm beating myself up pretty bad.

I did the weight loss surgery for a great reason but need support. Not sure about this new walk.

Weight stop shedding

by: Dee

Need to know us it normal to stop losing weight I had vgs 3-2018 started at 215lb now 181 been this weight for 3 weeks I exercise 4 times a week eat 3 times a day about 4 to 5 oz's a meal. What happened?

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