Not Losing Weight After Bariatric Surgery

by Jan

I had surgery on October 20th, and in 6 weeks lost 30 pounds. Since then I have been hovering at the same weight (up 2 down 2) and am wondering why it won’t go down!

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I am getting my liquids, vitamins, and as much protein as possible on less than a quarter cup of food per meal. I am walking at a fast pace 2 times per day for about 15 minutes. WHEN WILL THIS END?? I’m wondering if there is something wrong?


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Weight plateau after 4 weeks after surgery

by: Anonymous

Hi Jan,

Although you are frustrated with not losing as "quickly" as you expect after surgery, please know that you are really doing great thus far so soon after surgery.

The body has to adjust. The weight loss after surgery is a process, people don't just continue to lose weight, the mind and body have to catch up with what's happening.

It's so important to be patient and gentle with yourself. It's so easy to be in the "dieting" mentality even after surgery.

Please remember, Weight Loss Surgery is NOT a diet, it's a lifestyle change which requires patience, diligence, mindfulness, change of old habits, etc.; it's not a quick fix. It really does sound like you are doing very well and you just need to keep going and be kind and loving to yourself and embrace your success right where you are. I would encourage you to attend support groups, a critical ingredient to your weight loss success which I strongly encourage.

You're welcome to click here and join our free online support group as well.

I would love to see you there.
Nadia Barhoumeh-Lee, RN

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A plateau is normal!

by: Maggy

I got my gastric sleeve surgery done at a bariatric center that has one of the most comprehensive programs in the country, and I've been told again and again by my surgeon, my advocate, my dietician, my psychologist and my exercise guy that I should expect to plateau after surgery. I attend a monthly support group of surgery patients and all of them had plateaus. One listed six months! But now all of them are thin. Just keep eating 600 calories or less a day, comprised of proteins and veggies (2 bites of protein to 1 bite of veggie), stay away from starches and sugar and drink your non caffeinated, non carbonated liquids, and you'll be fine! Don't stretch out your stomach! And do join a support group. That is so important! It really has made a difference for me, and I've always hated support groups! You've got this!

Gastric Sleeve

by: sleeve 2015

I had my Gastric Sleeve December 28, 2015 and I Was so Happy That I lost the First 20 pounds In two Weeks! Starting weight was 233lbs and I went down to 213. But at three weeks out I gained 5 lbs but then lost 5 lbs. I was a little frustrated at first, but now 5 weeks out I am no longer frustrated even if I have not lost another pound yet! I still feel really good about it because my family noticed right away and I could tell in my clothes. It could be possible to gain muscle but lose the fat. I think I need to monitor my sugars more and carbs but the carbs and sugar are usually under 40-50. The sugars should be under 20. I am going to keep striving to reach my goal of 145 lbs and I have to do whatever it takes because this really is a great tool if you use it right. Wish me luck and I wish everyone else luck!!

Stop the Stall

by: Anonymous

I had the sleeve on 11/2/15 and lost 40 pounds the first month, then it slowed. At 8 weeks, I hit a stall and did the up 2 and down 2 routine. I spoke to the nutritionist and found out that I was not eating enough calories for the amount of exercise I was doing. Once I added in an additional 200 calories each day to bring me to 800 I started losing again and lost 11 pounds in one week. I really track carefully what I eat and make sure I am eating the right things. I mostly eat albacore tuna, avocado, cottage cheese, protein shakes, chicken breast, greens, and laughing cow cheese. Every day at lunch I walk a mile and try to get it closer and closer to 10 minutes per mile. I also do yoga daily for 15 minutes, strengthening with resistance bands for 15 minutes daily, and choose another 30 minute evening workout each evening with my son. I have found that stretching my activity throughout the day helps keep me energized.

There's hope

by: Nina

Thank you for all your comments.. I had the gastric bypass surgery 10 months ago and I've lost a total of 57 lbs. I haven't lost any more weight, and although I feel depressed because of it, I haven't stop going to the gym four times a week or walking five miles a day the other days and working out at home. I have to and will make my goal of 175 lbs. I'm not sure how long it will take but however long it takes I feel a lot better than I did before the surgery, no more blood pressure or diabetes medication, a lot more energy and I can hang with my kids... It's a little discouraging but after reading these post I feel better... Thanks

I had the Roux-en-Y surgery

by: Cheryl G.

I had my bypass surgery 9/29/11. I lost a total of 75 pounds over a year, which is about 1/2 of what I need to lose. I have not lost any since that time. I now am up 10-12 pounds & am struggling to get it back off. The nurse at the surgeons office said most lose 1/2 to 3/4 of their weight in 6 months. I feel like such a failure. Before the surgery, I had been on every diet known to man...some successful, but most not. In any case, I would always gain it back plus more. I have struggled my whole life with my weight, but as an adult, really put on the weight. It is so depressing. Due to knee and back issues I have not been able to exercise or even walk great distances. I am at a point now that I want to have the surgery again, because if I could lose another 50-75 pounds, I would be happy. I don't think my insurance would cover a second surgery. Has anyone had it done twice, and if so, was it successful?

Not losing!

by: Anonymous

I totally failed. I'm 6 months out. Went through a stall and started back to bad habits. Have not lost anything in 2 months. Can my pouch be reset to start over? Totally depressed....failed again!

Weight Loss Stalled

by: Dissappointed in Dallas

Hello everyone, I am so happy to come upon this website. I just had my sleeve done on 12/3/15, starting weight 230, down to 210. I'm still on softs with protein drinks twice daily. I get at least 50 grams of protein from my shakes and I too have been up a pound down a pound and was getting very depressed about the slow loss but after reading ALL of the comments I feel better that it's nothing I'm doing wrong and that I shouldn't focus on it so much and eventually I will see a change. I'll be back, thx again for everyone with encouraging words.


by: Sassy Nanny

I'm 5 weeks post sleeve (11-18-15) and have lost 25 pounds. Like most of you I wished it were more. In reality when have any of us lost 6 pounds a week for 5 weeks? Ever? No!My vow is to move more and to track everything I put in my mouth so that I stay accountable. Reading all of your experiences is very helpful. I had a stall st 3 weeks for a few days. It is very disconcerting. Reading online that it is normal really helped. Best of luck to you all and stay the course.

slow or no weight loss

by: Anonymous

I started my journey 8/4/15 lost 20 lbs pre sleeve surgery on 11/25/15 and 17 days post surgery lost another 14.6 lbs, weight loss has slowed a little down, but I know that some people state I walk 3 or 4 miles a day. I do know that the intensity of your work out makes a difference not so much the miles you walk. It might help to change you exercise routine, walk faster slow down and again speed up, that will help your weight loss, it is also important that you use weights when you allowed by your surgeon to starting doing that, you can add weights as bands around your ankles, arms etc. Hope this helps!

Work hard and it will work!!

by: Illinois Cubs Fan

I had tried several different diets and pills etc etc. I finally decided to do something about it. I had the vertical gastric sleeve procedure done in mid April 2015. I'm a male and my starting weight was 319 lbs. it's been about 7 months and I've lost a total of 111 lbs. I eat a lot of beef jerky, chicken, steak, & eggs also once a week I'll go to the movies and have a slushie and popcorn as my "reward". I've given up all fast food, bread, rice and all candy and desserts (except my weekly slushie). I also do a dumbbell weight training deal 3 times a week and walk a minimum of 5 miles a day (4-5 days I do 10 miles). I've lost a consistent 3 lbs a week for the last 3 months. I stalled around the 5 month mark and started my harder exercise regime. I wish everyone the best with their journey. This was honestly the best decision Ive ever made in my life.

Almost there

by: Trish

I posted a while ago that I had stalled and realised that I was having too many calories a day in order to lose weight. I had a Gastric Bypass on 23rd July 2015 and after the initial liquid and soft food phases I fould I was having around 800-900 calories a day. Then I stalled. So after 6 weeks frustration I cut my calories to around 500-600 a day. I started to lose weight again, an average of 2 kilos a week. I am now 3 kilos off my target weight and losing steadily. So to all those who have stalled, count your calories and try to only take in 500-600 a day. Remember to take the BEST Multivitamin you can find and a Zinc tablet to stop hair loss. I'm now working on having some Protein 3 times a day as I find I'm not snacking in between meals. Good luck all xxx

6 months p.o. gastric bypass

by: Anonymous

I have lost a total of 64 lbs. In the last 2.5 months, only 6-7 lbs. It's very frustrating but when I honestly look at what may have changed I see these things..1. I stopped tracking every single thing that went in my mouth.2. I have learned to once again to eat what I cook for my husband.3. I am, once again, grabbing little snacks at night.Today I recorded my food and shock....(not really), I had twice the calories I was having a few months back.Good news is, I know what works, and I know after all I have gone through in this journey, I am not willing to let it slip away.I too, like many have had significant hair loss, so I bought nice extensions and I will have them tomorrow. Its worth it to me, to spend some money to feel good in that area again.More importantly, I am not giving up on this!

Thankful for this site!

by: Cheryl

I had gastric bypass 9/29/11. Yes... that is long ago, but I have been soooo discouraged because I have only lost 70 pounds of the 150 I need to lose. I have put 10 back on in the last year. I thought I was doing something wrong even though I ate as I should, but must admit that the last year, I have not been watching my carbs like I should. I am diabetic and also take meds for high BP. I just turned 66. I can not exercise as I should because my knees and back are so arthritic, and I also have degenerative joint disease & spinal stenosis. I walk for a few minutes and have to sit. The one thing I haven't noticed in reading all the postings is no one has mentioned drinking water. My surgeon wanted me to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. I have never been able to drink that much, and maybe that with the lack of exercise has stopped my weight loss after the first year. Does anyone know if insurance would cover having the surgery again? I just feel that if I could knock off another 50 pounds, it would help enough to be able to exercise more and continue my loss.

keep Going

by: Ann

I am very encouraged to read of the continuedWeight loss. I have experienced a slower weightloss process, I have also been able to tolerate the old habits like sugar, high fat foods and sweets although I run nearly two miles every day, it's the old habits that may sneak in. Distractions and stress make us vulnerable to weight gain. Watch It. I have not gained any weight but the loss is very slow. But I will keep moving running and eat to live and keep my weight down and not eat for comfort.

Losing weight

by: Donna

I had lap sleeve surgery 16 months ago. I lost 39 lbs before surgery and as of now I have lost a total of 169lbs. I have gone from a 5x to a large and for the first time in over 3 decades am wearing dresses. I have done 3 5k's in the last year and half. I knew at some point I would stall and many times I did and then I would start losing again. Stress is a horrible monster, try not to stress and stay the course. I am 60 years old and I am here to say it works. I am one of the lucky ones who lost the <a href="/obesity-and-genetics.html#hormones" portion of the stomach that tells me that I am hungry. I am never hungry. I have eaten candy and ice cream but I eat it sparingly. Good luck!

Metabolic Syndrome

by: Karen

I had gastric sleeve surgery 15 months ago. I have lost a total of 50 pounds.After a lot of run around from my surgeon that I must be cheating, I finally decided to take things into my own hands. I went to an internist who after running tests diagnosed me with metabolic syndrome. This syndrome makes it extremely hard to lose weight. I would recommend those of you who are having difficulty losing weight to read about this online and find an internist who can treat you if in fact you have this too.I hate that it is so hard for me to lose this weight. However, I am glad that I wasn't doing anything wrong to hinder my weight loss. Good luck in this weight loss journey.

6 weeks Post Op

by: Losing Soon

I have followed every instruction from the Staff at the surgeons office.Phase 1: Liquids.Phase 2: Puree`Phase 3: Soft Foods (Where I am Now)For the 1st 4 weeks I walked 1 hour 2x daily. Taking Bariatric Fusion multivitamins 4x dailyI made all of my dishes from Protein high things such as broth with unflavored protein powder. And added 3 shakes daily of Bariatric Fusion shakes made with coconut milk.Puree'd foods were far easier. I made what like to call not chilli! it was essentially high protein vegetables with complex carbs like sweet potatos. Throw in blender and then cook like chilli ( can add unflavored powder here too! )Sweet Potato / Cauliflower stew was great here as well.Next was Whole Grain cream of wheat, and for flavor I bought fresh strawberries and puree'd them into a sauce (all natural) and added a teaspoon of strawberry shortcake protein powder.Now into phase 3! I decided vegetarian was for me. It had been so long since I had dairy or any meat/fish/poultry why stop now. I make everything with high protein vegetables,nuts, berries, seeds etc...For exercise I still walk 1 hour daily and have now added jogging 1/4 mile and 4 hours a week at jiu-jitsu.As far as the results:No More Medications!All Bloodwork Normal!97 lbs Lost total!45 Since Day of surgery!( February-September ) September 22 surgery day!

Keep on going

by: Chakram

I had my sleeve done on August 31st. 62 days later I'm down 64 pounds. My energy levels are beyond crazy. I have had no pain, haven't taken 1 pain killer yet.My advice is watch what you eat, no sugars and stay active. I do everything from walking to gym to clubbing, cleaning my home 3, 4 times a week.Don't give up, and good luck!


by: Kim

I had a band to sleeve revision on 10/13/15. I have lost 20 pounds but have been stalled for 2 weeks. I started exercising this week and starting on the soft food list. I have pain in the sternum after I eat a little. Is this what it feels like when your getting full or eating too fast? Also, worried that I won't lose my weight with the sleeve because I thought it would be falling off by now. Suggestions? Thoughts?

2weeks post op

by: Holly

Hi, I am actually in route to my two week post op apt. My starting weight was 222, and today I am 203. I'm so glad I found this blog :) makes me aware that there will be times I won't loose weight, & what to expect. But most importantly, to stay positive. Thank you all for your journey stories❤️

I hav a query too!!

by: Sharu

Hi, i have done the Sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch. I lost 6 kgs in the first four days after surgery but since last 2 days it's stagnant. I was 110kgs came to a 104.80kgs and on second stagnant day it was 104.40kgs. Is that normal? Because I thought I would have faster weight lost if instructions followed properly. I hope I am not doing anything wrong.I walk a lot. I drink water as instructed. Now I am on liquids. So please let me know if this is normal?

Too many calories

by: Trish

I was told by a friend that my weight loss had stopped because I was having too many calories a day, and I was now on a "maintenance" diet. As I was only having 700-800 a day I didnt believe her. But when I thought about it I realised she could be right. So last week I reduced my daily calories to no more than 500 a day. Sounds drastic I know but it worked. Im losing sround half a kilo a day. Our bodies are all different and 500 calories a day is how I must go if I want to lose weight. I take a good multivitamin every day so Im hoping I will be ok. Its actually really hard to stick to no more than 500 calories but it can be done. I have 100 calories five times a day. Good luck to everyone!!!

Personal explanation

by: Anonymous

I think you lose so much at first that your body catches up. Like, you know when you starve yourself and your body begins to eat itself I think somehow it has consumed as many calories as it can that way and your body has begun survival mode and refuses to give up anymore without a fight. It makes everything harder. You start wanting to overeat again and you are tired and depressed ect. It's a battle with yourself and you must win! Don't be defeated now. Everyday realize it and buck up,keep your chins up and refuse to give up the fight. Lots of luck everybody. I hope it made since.


by: Trish

I had my Bypass 10 weeks ago and have stopped losing. Ive lost 21kgs and gone down two dress sizes. At first I felt fabulous. People commenting on how great I was looking. But 4 weeks ago my weight loss stopped. Ive come down off my high and can only see fat when I look at myself. When I rang my surgeon he said that I had probably reached the limit of my weight loss!! I was distraught. Ive got another 20 kilos to lose. I have 2 Optifast meals a day, plenty of protein and very few carbs. I drink plenty of water and walk every day. Im hoping, after reading all the other posts on this page, that my weight loss will start again. Its very demoralising and I feel cheated that I wasnt told this would happen by my surgeon!!! Regarding hair loss, i take a ZINC tablet every day and have not lost any hair. Good luck to you all!!

keep strong! :)

by: Belle

Remember guys, this journey is a marathon not a sprint. If you are trying your best and following dr. orders, the weight will come off. Even if it's slow but remember where the journey started. Appreciate every moment and keep a positive attitude. If deep down you believe that something is off then please reach out to your doctor and nutritionist. They have helped me get out of frustrating moments during this journey. They may be able to guide you to a different path that better works for you!. Best of luck everyone!!! highest weight: 307 Sleeved 1/26/15= 294lbs 10/5/15: 215lbs.


by: HeidiB

I had RNY 9/15/2015 I lost 20 pounds the first 3 weeks but have been stalled since. NO hair loss but because of this stall I want to pull my hair out! Scale goes up and down by ounces etc... I am eating 1-3 protein shakes a day, Meals 2-3 a day (2-4oz) meat with sauce. 550-850 calories. If I eat 3 meals I drink less shakes. Walk 1.5 miles at least 4 times a week. I am wondering if its my metabolism at this point. The only thing I can think of is to up my exercise. I am beyond frustrated!

weight loss stopped

by: Trish

i had Bypass on 23rd July 2015. I have so far lost 21 kilos but have not lost anything for 3 weeks. Glad that Im not alone in stalling!!! Will start a liquid only diet today!!! Thanks for all your comments. I take a ZINC tablet every day and have no hair loss!!!

replay to: Kaysplace

by: Ann

Hi Kay, Please allow me to share with you that I lost quite a bit of weight myself. But before the weight loss surgery I changed my eating habits and became familiar with what will put on weight. Through some research, lectures and testimonies I found out there are foods our bodies maybe sensitive and one of those is MILK. If your body tolerates it well that's fine, but you said you gain 3 lbs and yes it could be the cheese puffs also, but I too cheat a little, eating Cheetos too, but I do not drink regular milk at all and I have not gain weight. For the sake of finding out what works for you I would leave the milk out, try to burn those 3 lbs by exercise and see if that helps. I have posted two other responses on this blog about weight loss stalls. I had my VGS in June 2015, three months ago and I have only lost 26 lbs. However, I changed my diet 4 months prior to surgery and lost 21 lbs for a total of 47 lbs. I have 43 more pounds to loose before I reached my goal weight. So its different for all of us. Keep up the good work and stay the course!!

worried about it all

by: kaysplace

I did my sleeve 8-11-15. Tuesday past marked my 6 weeks. Last Friday I was down 52lbs with 100 left to my ideal goal. But over the weekend I didn't lose any. I haven't been able to get all 80grms of protein or 64ozs of water daily. I still eat very small to almost nothing meals. Even if I try cheating by snacking on my kids cheese puffs or drinking small glass of whole milk. I haven't eaten anywhere close to 500 calories and yet I have gained back 3 lbs showing only 49lbs down. I worried about the pain of swallowing since they also fixed my hernia I had as well. I was told no heavy cardio or workouts till I got to this 6wk point. I wasn't worrying about a stall until I googled and found this. Now I am not sure if I may have stretched my stomach due to accidentally forgetting not to drink with meals or if my little snack cheats are hurting me but I cant seem to drink the protein shakes its like after 8 weeks I just cant get my body to drink them. how can I tell if I have done something wrong or if I am just in this stall and how can I get out of it.

weight loss stalls

by: Ann

Hello All Again, (see previous post by Ann) It has been 3 months since my VGS and I am still satisfied with how things are going. But, I read the post, watch videos did my own research and started my own "discipline" and changed my eating habits entirely before the surgery. This made a big big difference. As far as the not losing weight, I am not at that point yet, but I have gotten to know my new digestive system-which has changed a lot. What I know is (I'll only speak for myself from my experience) my digestive system does not absorb and process food the way it did pre-surgery. It is very, very slow, so I only use the surgery as a tool to remind me of eating smaller portions,stay away from sugar and carbonated drinks. The rest I do myself, running, walking,drinking protein, taking vitamins and drinking tea has help burn 47 lbs. With doing all these I notice, sometimes I do not see results until several days afterwards, and moreover the scale does not move for days sometimes weeks. HOWEVER, my blood pressure has reduce to normal readings, my belly is flatter, my clothes are very loose, all my neighbors who see me running tell me whatever I am doing its working! I run frequently, but slowly. I suggest to take some time to get to know your body pre and post surgery.

I have a sleeve

by: Anonymous

Had a sleeve going on two and a half years went from 226 to 143 on I'm back up too 168 to 170 lbs I wanted to gain some weight back but not this much need some help to start losing again

6 months in the Bag, Surgery Being Scheduled

by: Losing Soon

I found this forum looking to see what I should be expecting once I had the surgery and my future afterwards:Step 1) My insurance company required a variety of things in order to get it approved ( Over ,000 worth of tests, treatments, and procedures )Step 2) 6 months of supervised weight lossStep 3) Lose 3-5% of excess weight.Now I am not sure about everyone else, But I for one have had a horrid time trying to lose weight on my own. Im now nearing 40 with a list of medical problems.Changes waiting for surgery:1) Lost nearly 60 lbs with drastic diet and exercise.2) Cholesterol, ALT/AST, A1C, and HDL are all normal for the first time in 20 years.3) Gave up all alcohol, Dairy, and red meat.4) Followed a basic workout daily consisting of push-ups, crunches, side-bends, and stretching. as many as i could do daily ( up to 45 push-ups daily )5) Diabetes under control for the first time with 2 very expensive medications.Now hopefully the final tool will help me get those last 70 lbs off. I should have my Date for surgery tomorrow.Gastric Sleeve is in my near future!

No weight loss

by: Anonymous

Hi everyone, I had the VGS on 08/24/15 and I have lost ONLY 10 pounds within 3 weeks. Is this normal? I am following the purée and soft diet. I kind of regret doing this, still in pain and the weight loss is not what I expected...

Lack of weight loss

by: Angela

Hi all I had my sleeve 4/27/15 lost 24 pounds in first 5wks post op and no weight loss since ( that's 13wks) All I've been doing is gaining and losing then gaining an losing the same 4 pounds. I have been very depressed and desperate for answers. Thank you to all of you who have commented as you have given me some comfort that unfortunately for some of us this is "normal" and now I don't feel so alone. I don't know if I'll ever lose this weight but at least I know I've tried EVERYTHING. Good luck to you all and remember you are not Alone


by: Wendy

So those of you who wrote you wee in a stall 6 or more months ago...where are you now?


by: Anonymous

I had the sleeve surgery on 8/12/15 and for the past 2 weeks I have not lost any weight. I am starting to get really depressed. Does anyone have any advice? Please and thank you.

7 months and counting :)

by: Anonymous

Hello :) I know everyone is different but here's what is working for me and hopefully it might work for other too. My surgeon and nutrition team here in Texas have been excellent about providing support and classes post op to help our weight loss surgery community. My nutritionist and surgeon have recommended a low carb (under 30g a day), high protein diet. Of course all teams recommend this but when I asked about calories, my nutritionist told me the following. "the calories don't matter, the carbs do. Foods high in fat and low in carbs are the way to go". I have followed this to the best of my ability and it has definitely worked for me. I eat bacon, chorizo, eggs, cheese, chicken, greek plain yogurt (4 carbs)...well y'all get the gist. I try my best to stay between 20-30 carbs a day. And trust me, it's really a change but one that worth it. I don't ever count calories, farthest thing from my mind. My stats are the following: Jan 1, 2015: 307lbs (highest weight) had my surgery 1/26/15 and was down to 294lbs on surgery day. (lost 13lbs thru working out and pre op diet). 9/1/15: 221lbs. In a little over 7 months post op, I've lost 73lbs, (86lbs since I started my journey) with 1 stall at month 6 that lasted about 2 weeks. I've only walked and today was my first day at a gym to begin the second half of my journey. Dr. thinks I should be around 150-160lbs for my height so I'm ready to hit the gym blazing. my best advise is that carbs can easily sneak in EVERYWHERE! one sip of soda/sweet tea, little bite of this or that. Before you know it, you've racked up quite the count. Don't get me wrong, yes I've eaten foods high in carbs but I try to keep my end goal in focus and there are so many options to still eat what you love and keep the carb count down. Good luck to everyone!! keep going and don't quit!! visualize and materialize :)

Plateau person

by: Anonymous

I had the gastro bypass surgery, lost 100 lbs and have been the same weight for about 4 months. I am really worried that I paid K for that. I need to lose at least 75 more lbs to be where I wanna be. What can I do?

Stopped loosing

by: Debbie

I had my surgery exactly one month ago today, I have lost 30 pounds. I was loosing about a pound a day and then all of a sudden it just stopped. I stared exercising about 3 days ago, 15 min. on the tread mill @ 2.7 mph and two min on the elliptical and doing curls, back arms and butterfly's with 5pound weights. My sugar is very low and my carbs are too, and I know this for a fact because my Ketone sticks are turning nice and purple. ( they won't turn if carbs are present). I just want to know if it is the norm for the weight to come to a halt so soon after surgery. I had the sleeve.

weight loss

by: Anonymous

good morning, its been 4 weeks since i had the sleve procedure and i am so disapointed in my self because i have only lost 8pds and have not lost any more. i am trying to keep with the process and procedure and for some reason this has been harder for me than when i had the lap band done 5 years ago that i lost 87 pounds. my band slipped and was causing severe heartburn and acid reflex that is why i had the sleeve done but now i am not sure what is happening that i am not loosing like others are loosing maybe i am doing something wrong. signed "frustrated"

I was almost walking in your shoes

by: Anonymous

Hi, I was scheduled for surgery this morning Aug 10 2015. After extensive research, reading several blogs like this one and a lot of soul searching; I decided to cancel my surgery and try to lose the weight on my own 1 more time. However I applaud all of you for your bravery to take on this journey and I wish all of you well, stay positive and healthy.

not losing at all...

by: anonimous

I had gastric bypass 7 weeks ago... only lost 28 pounds by the first three weeks and then stopped losing. I'm so sad!

weight loss stalls

by: Ann

Hello All, I am only in my second month of the surgery and I am so thankful I revisited this site. I started my weight loss 4 months before surgery. I did my research and watch several videos and noted that our bodies are really, really smart. Our body will adjust to fewer calorie intakes. What I was told to do, is that we must give our body something it is not ready for. For example, if you stick to hardly eating any carbs at all and continued to do this, our bodies knows this routine. What I have did is, go two days straight eating hardly no carbs, but get my protein as soon as I get out of bed, increase my exercise (but not excessive, get your heart rate up), afterwards eat 3 hours later (Dr Oz and Chris talk about this on his show), STOP EATING AT 7PM. But, on the third day, eat carbs (in moderation), but go back to no or low carb that next day. Do this cycle again and play with recipes. We need vegetables also. Our bodies are very different so what may work for some may not work for all. However, sugar should be very limited. Before the surgery, I did not have an appetite anymore for sugar, also beer and alcohol will freeze weight loss after surgery too. Doing this I have loss 41 lbs so far and I am monitoring my weight lost and preparing for this stall. I am deterimined to not become depress and take an aggressive stand on my weight loss. Instead of walking, I will increase to running. I will also not be afraid to eat, our bodies need to burn calories and it won't if it has nothing to burn.

Keep on truckin

by: Wittyone87

Something that I have noticed as I've gotten further along in my journey, when I'm slowing down with the weight loss is I'm not keeping as good of track of my protein as my calories. When I look back through my fitness pal, I wasn't getting enough protein, even though I thot I was. I have gone back to focusing on my protein as my major source of calories, still continuing to work out, and working on my water intake. I eat lots of meat/fish, and not mas many veggies. As long as I keep up with the Biotin, my hair loss is minimal. I've lost almost 55 Lbs, and I'm walking over 4 miles now without exhaustion! It's such a great feeling....hang in there when you're feeling down about your stalls, re-evaluate what you're eating, drinking, and working out. If you're doing all the right things, just keep at it!! If you're not, you'll see quickly what you need to change and can correct it. While people may "accuse" you of taking the "easy way out", this process still takes a lot of work, and we just can't give up, or it's all for nothing! Don't forget to utilize support groups, people there are in various stages and can give you some good advice, but also don't forget that everyone's journey is not exactly the same! Keep going!!! Much love to you all!!

carb/ft blocker

by: Anonymous

If your body is that intent grabbing calories, take a fat and carb blocker but make sure you aren't allergic to shellfish as the fat blockers contain chitosan. Wait for science to make more no or low calorie foods. Just don't stop getting protein.

Not Losing

by: Anonymous

I am so glad I found this page. I had a gastric sleeve in August 2014, and I have lost 90 lbs total. I need to lose more. The problem is I have been on the lose a pound gain a pound cycle for the past 4 months. I am glad not to be the only one having the problem with the "stall" and will try some of the suggestions that have been given here. Thanks!

No weight loss

by: Heather

A stall at 3-6 weeks is VERY normal, and can last as long as 3 months. You will experience stalls throughout your journey, just stay on course. The HAIRY TRUTH- everyone's hair loss is different, some have absolutely no hair loss, some minimal, and some loose almost ALL of it! I went from having luscious, thick, gorgeous hair to fine, thin, damaged, breaking off and constantly falling out hair. I'm 4 years out and if I do not take my vitamins.. I still have spells of losing an excessive amount of hair, but overall my hair has come back. TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!

stuck on 3 yrs

by: new me

I had sleeve surgery 3 yrs ago... At my lowest I lost70lbs. I have gained back 20 lbs in the last year I am depressed about it I have been on pain meds since January for a knee surgery I had.. maybe that is not helping.. I am happy I am not where I use to be.. I have lost 50 lbs .. Should I be happy about it or should I try something else? Any suggestions..

Hang in there

by: Wittyone87

I had the sleeve surgery March 3rd, 2015, and I stopped losing weight after 20lbs. I went back to mostly liquids, and that jump started me a little more, and with exercise and eating right, I'm now down 47lbs, and still going. I thought the same things...I had this surgery, went through all of this for what!!? But, it did turn around for me. It's still hard work, I'm in the gym at least 4 times a week, and I swim on the off days a lot. But at least I'm seeing the reward for my hard work post surgery, as opposed to before! What things are the doctors saying in most cases for those who have been struggling?

Not losing weight after having the sleeve

by: Cookie

I was sleeved on March 25, 2015. The day after the surgery I had gain 10 pounds from what they say was fluids and gas, it took two weeks after the surgery to get the 10 pounds off and get back to my surgery weight...I have lost a total of 28 pounds since the surgery and it's been almost a month now since I since the scales move downward...I am so afraid that I put myself in danger thinking it would improve my life when only a few pounds gone and I'm still in the same pain that I had when I was the 28 pounds heavier...Have you ever known of anyone having the sleeve and it failed??? Please I'm desperate and depressed. I hope you can give me some pointers on how to start losing again.

Stall 6months and counting

by: Frank

I was sleeved on 4/28/2014. I lost a lot of weight but it has not moved in 6 months. its like everyone else up a pound down a pound up 2 down 1...its extremely frustrating. I never feel hungry I can go days without feeling hungry but when I do eat its always protein driven. I give up to me I had surgery to lose a whopping 50 lbs wasn't worth it to me.

slow loss

by: Anonymous

I have empathy for those who struggle with expectations and the slow weight loss! I had RNY gastric bypass in Feb. 2015. It's been a real challenge and at times I get so depressed. I have only lost 40 pounds total..! I have talked to others who also are having the same issue. Also wonder if being post menopause may have something to do with the stalls. What's more depressing is, we are given a promise our body will only absorb about half of calories consumed .. something to think about when we need between 500-800 calories a day just to breath and be alive. So how can weight just not fall off ? Right? My advise to us all is do the best we can and as long as we lose it's better than gaining!! Stressing just makes us feel more depressed! Good Luck to all!

gastric bypass

by: Anonymous

Had gastric bypass a year ago now. My starting weight was 130kg, 6 months later I realised I wasn't loosing anything. Tonight I decided to weigh myself and found out I've gained 3kg. I'm doing everything right less sugar, exercise, low calories. Really getting depressed and I'm thinking if I could have anything done to loose atleast 3stones. Thought I was going to gain my confidenceback after this d surgery but NO I'm just getting depress. Pls help.

Stop worrying and stay the course!

by: Luis S

Please don't worry. The nutritionist in class I attended was very specific about that there will be times when your inches have to catch up with the weight loss. I had my gastric sleeve on April 07th. Since then I lost 64 pounds. I'm losing slower now (0.2 pounds per day or staying in the same weight for days. Calm your self and think the your body is adjusting to your weight loss. I exercise every day, 70 grms of protein daily and under 1,000 calories a day. One additional option is to increase your calories and liquid intake for a day or two and then go back to your normal diet. Introduce new foods but with caution or stop exercise for a day. Eat hot sauce to jumpstart your metabolism. (Only if you are at stage three or higher) Hope this help. Word pf caution, don't stop the good work you have done til now. It will be a shame to thow away all you hard work. KEEP CALM AND STAY POSITIVE!!!!!!

The weight loss flux

by: Your Bari sister

All of you who are struggling, my heart goes out to you. I had Roux n y in July 29, 2014, my starting weight was 323lbs and I loss 23 lbs before the procedure, and I too struggle with stalls. My first stall happened two weeks after surgery and lasted 6 weeks, I was so frustrated and angry! My doctor just accused me of cheating which also didn't help. That soon after surgery I had no choice but to follow my liquid/soft diet, there was no way to cheat? Anyway after 6 long weeks the weight start d slowly to drop. I did have to go through endoscopy around month 4 and my surgeon found that my pouch was too small so he stretched it a bit and that helped me eat and drink much better. I continue to have stalls or plateaus from time to time. Some strange happened lately, I caught an intestinal virus and lost 7 lbs one week only to gain 4 lbs back so far this week? Anyone else ever experience these weird swings? After 10 months I am at 123 lbs down and have a way to go to make my goal. I am 50 years old and feel like I am gaining my life back! This surgey even with all of my struggles has been one of the best decisions I have made. It is NOT easy but so worth it.

No weight loss

by: Mary Stars

I had the sleeve in may of 2014, lost 50 right off the start in the first 3 months, have another 50 to lose and cannot lose another pound. I stick to the program and exercise and all I hear from medical staff where I had the surgery is "We have never heard this before".....I do know of people who do not lose more like myself. I hope this changes and I am hoping to get to goal. Good luck everyone.

not losing

by: Anonymous

I did rny on 4/17/15, and in the month since bypass I have only lost 25 lbs, I haven't lost any weight in a week now. I worry that I won't lose any weight from this and this was all for nothing

Also stalled

by: Deb

I have the very same problem. I stalled 5 months after. I gain 2 lose 2. But I think I know where my problem lies and I'm going to change this after reading all your comments. I'm a Wine lover and with it's natural sugar, is where the problem is!! I will keep you posted. Thank you Good luck to all

weight loss 4.5 months out

by: Anonymous

I also had surgery Dec 2014 and have lost 50 pounds so far, I need 50 more gone. I am not really strict with what i eat but I have never been a sweet eater, I do drink sweet tea on occasion and crackers are my weakness. Weight loss has been slow moving now and I hope I am not done. I havent really exercised much other than a little walking. Im sure if I start that the weight will start dropping. When I dont see the scale move but my clothes get loose so i know I am dropping inches instead of pounds. crazy journey so far!


by: Anonymous

I was sleeved dec 2014. I have lost 50 lbs. I have 60 more to go. The weight loss is sooooo slow. I'm down to about 6.5 lbs a month. I mostly s Till eat protein shakes and a protein bar. Food makes me sick. Is this normal. I'm so afraid the weight loss will just stop I didn't go thru this to loose 50 lbs only I'm so afraid I've hit my equilibrium. Panic has set in. HELP


by: rabab

Dear yvonne thank u for the support I will try my best and keep u updated with my results...good luck to all

For rabab

by: Yvonne McCarthy

Definitely don't be concerned. You are barely a month out. Make sure and continue to follow your surgeon's rules and you WILL lose weight. DO NOT compare yourself to another person who had surgery. We all lose weight differently. I have no doubt that in no time the weight will start falling off.


by: rabab

I had my sleeve on the 5th of april 2015 my starting weight was 83kgs only. my weight has dropped Durring the liquid diet to 75.5 on my second week after surgery I didn't loose anything which is making me depressed and making me regrets having the surgery. My doc said it's normal but I still can't understand why it's Happening as long as I am following all the instructions.

for anonymous

by: Yvonne McCarthy

I had a stall that lasted 6 weeks. Can you list what you eat during the day? Your weight loss isn't bad....I'm sure you are mostly concerned about the stall. They do indeed happen and yours should let up soon.

stopped losing

by: Anonymous

I had a gastric sleeve on oct 28 2014. I lost 35 pounds but now I have not lost any weight in over a month I go up and down 2 lbs. I exercise daily and get my protein shakes and vitimins. spoke to the nutritionist and he said I have to do more exercise.I walk an hour a day and feel that is is plenty . I have always stalled and that is why I did the surgery I hope this is not the same story. Help

response to losing soon

by: Yvonne McCarthy

THANK YOU for your comment. You are absolutely correct. The surgery does not do 100% of the work and I understood that from the beginning. I also followed all the rules. There ARE instances of post-ops following all the rules and having trouble losing weight but I can assure you that many people are not losing because they don't follow the rules and aren't honest with themselves about what they are eating. I also went on every diet known to man and I often say that I lost 100 pounds 100 times. All I asked for was to get back to a normal size and I would take it from there. That's exactly what I did and that's why 14 years after surgery I am still at goal. I just needed some help to get all that weight off and a way to get the garbage in my head worked out. I think you will do quite well because you are already participating Jiu Jitsu now! Part of the program you are supposed to follow is getting some type of exercise. The surgery is safer now than ever. When I had it 14 years ago it was considered barbaric. I didn't care though because I didn't want to live another day in that body. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

Setting Goals

by: Losing Soon

I am currently still 3 months away from having my Gastric Sleeve procedure done. I have been overweight my entire life of 38 years. Hypertension, Sleep Apnea, Fatty Liver, Diabetes, and the worst leg cramps you can imagine all night. As I worry constantly about such things as you know dying. I have tried everything you can think of over the years, Every Diet, Exercise, Starving, Carb counting, weight watchers etc.. Some worked, some did not..... for a time. A woman I work with had the Sleeve done last year in January and like many of you that I have read this morning she had the same issue. She hit a cap and could not push through that wall. One day while drinking a nice glass of sugar free non carbonated water we were talking and I asked her to come down and try Jiu Jitsu class since it was a 14 day free period. ( Due to my size I can participate but only in short periods ) After the first few classes which I would say is a very intense workout she fell in love with it, tuned it into her workout, and started shredding weight again. Her story and success is what prompted me to pursue the procedure. I suppose the morale of the story is you have to find what is your success. If going to gym and pushing and pushing to change a number is not the trigger try something new. Go to a kick boxing class, local MMA gym see what cardio they have, Start a local fit buddy group. 39 Morbidly Obese

leave it to sleever

by: Anonymous

You all have valid point, but the truth of the matter is you have to change everything about your life style after the surgery . You have to take drastic measures if need be like working out twice a day shocking your body completely like insanity or power pump classes or hire a personal trainer to help you . in a way you have to become very addicted to what you want out of this Im going through a stall right now so you no what i did i up my running and my weight training . put in what you want out of it . push your body to the limits I could not run before my sleeve now im down 52Lb and Im running miles and lifting weights after i work out 1 hr and 60 min a day in i put in the work because i have my goal to reach 190 my starting weight was 297 my goal is 190 thats a lot of weight but i cant stop because of what the scale says. We all have made a major sacrifice to do this surgery and yes it was hard and pain full for me to decide to cut out 1/3 of my stomach so I'm going to get mine out of this, how bout you family . we can do this

liquids helped

by: wittyone87

I've been back on the liquids for almost a week now, and I've started losing again! Between working out and the liquids, I've dropped another 2-3 lbs for the week, and it's only Wednesday! There's hope!!!

I stop lossing

by: nay

Its been 8 months to the day the first 4 months I lost 60 lbs but then I stop I'm stuck at the same weight and I can't lose anymore. I'm about to go back to liquids for a while and see what happens but its depressing me. I always feel hungry..what else can I do? Does anyone have a diet plan that maybe we can follow that might help us?

Hair Loss after Bariatric Surgery

by: Wittyone87

Biotin is helpful in stopping or slowing the loss of hair. I had friends who had both bypass and sleeve surgeries, and they both mentioned taking Biotin to help with the hair loss, so I started taking it about a month out from surgery, and I don't have any more hair loss than what I already had before surgery (which was minimal). As for the weight loss, I am there as well, realizing my only real fear before surgery "what if it doesn't work for me?". I am at the end of my 4th week, and I have stopped at about 20 lbs with the hovering gain one, lose one, and it started as soon as I was released to eat solid foods. I have opted to go back to the protein shakes and liquid diet for now to see if that boosts me back into weight loss mode. My shakes are only 160 cal, 3g of fat, 5 carbs, 1g sugar, and 30g protein. It was explained to me that the food we eat will sit there in our stomach and since we don't have the digestive juices, it's not metabolizing, so it's turning to carbs/sugars before going into our intestines. Not sure if that's the case, but it makes sense. So I am hoping that the liquid phase will assist in getting me back on track. I go to my first bariatric support group meeting (held by the nutritionist) tomorrow, and I plan to discuss this topic there to see what advice I get. I will post once I get back from that meeting to share with you all! I'm glad I found this group, so I know that I am not the only one struggling this soon after surgery!


by: Debbi

i had full gastric bypass and in the 1st 3 months i lost almost 50 lbs since then 3 more months and i lost 7 lbs no where near my goal. Now i am panicking because doctor told me biggest loss would b in 1st 6 months. I am eating protein shakes and sugarfreepopcicles i dont know what to do.

For Sweethime

by: Yvonne McCarthy

You are very welcome! I'm glad you are finding answers. Of course there are times when there are problems with the surgery but they are definitely in the minority. I'm glad you are communicating with your surgeon and moving towards a solution. Please keep us posted on your journey when you can.


by: sweethime

First, thank you for your support and advice Yvonne. Very sweet of you. Secondly, my surgeon told me that I may not lose any more weight. Going through surgery and only to lose less than 40lbs is horrific. I havent lost any more weight in 4 months. My pouch was left too big in my opinion. I'm going at the end of this month for revisional surgery, if need be. Good luck to all of you going through the same problem.

bamboozled by gastric bypass untruths

by: Diva

Me too I thought I was the only one. I ad a gastric sleeve on 4/23/14 and got very sick. spent a month in the hospital, my surgeon had no idea what was wrong with me. Finally he decided my stomach was not digesting food so after eating i would vomit. He deciced to send me home with a PICC line and TPN which i did for almost two months. I had a gastric bypass on 7/21/14. Mind you before the TPN i had lost 49 lbs. and was down to 160 but on the TPN i gained weight 20 lbs and has been between 180-185b ot losing anything. What im really pissed about is the surgeon is like I dont know what else to do. I truly believe my stoma is too big as well as my pouch. its like i never had surgery. Im back on liquids and soft foods. HELP PLEASE

For Sweethime

by: Yvonne McCarthy

Make sure and read my last comment carefully because I answered some important questions. There is absolutely nothing your surgeon can do for your hair loss. It is part of the journey...some lose more than others. The important thing is that you are near the time when your hair will stop falling out. As I said in my first paragraph in the previous post, you will hit stalls from time to time but if you continue to do what you are supposed to it will be fine. If you feel like you have failed you will fail because you won't be in a successful state of mind. It will trigger bad habits and you will not get the most out of the first year. You are never alone. There are hundreds of thousands of outlets to get help from (like here). Be patient, have an attitude of gratitude and believe you will get there. You CAN do this but it does take some work. The way I looked at it was that it's much less work than the thousands of diets I did for 30 years that never worked. I hope this has helped. Please hang in there and continue to eat properly and try to find ways to move your body.

Sleeved 9/17/14

by: Laura

I lost 40 lbs right away and have also not lost weight in 2 months. I have however lost some inches. I would take your measurements and see if you are losing inches. I have an appointment the end of March and will hopefully get some answers from my MD.

Went to see surgeon...

by: sweethime

So I had my 5 month follow up finally. I was very disappointed when they offered no help to my hair loss. And to make matters worse as I explained that I haven't lost weight in over 2 months the surgeons reply was "yes that can happen there are cases where there will be no more weight loss." I am devastated. My number one reason I did this was to beat diabetes. I'm on my own again. And feeling worse than ever.

no longer losing weight

by: Anonymous

I had the gastric done in Mexico in November and lost 40 lbs but nowe I've been the same weight for a month now, gain 2 lbs lose 2 lbs. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks

For Sweethime

by: Yvonne Mc Carthy

It's important not to stress because that messes with your body (and your head) too. You can literally slow down your weight loss by mega stressing and worrying. See yourself getting to where you want. You have to see it to be it you know? I do know it's hard right now but keep concentrating on the fact that you are in a better place than you were before surgery. Don't worry about your hair loss because it usually stops at 6 months and you'll be surprised how it will bounce back. Continue to follow your program and things WILL be OK. If you are concerned you should call your surgeon's office and let them know what you are worried about. If anything is really unusual they will let you know. Like I said in my posts before I was in a stall for almost 2 months and then it just started falling off. 13 years ago no one was around to tell me about it and I was sure I had failed at surgery just like I did on every diet I ever did. Now almost 14 years later I am still at goal. I know it's hard not to beat yourself up but if you are following the rules you will be just fine. Hugs, Y


by: sweethime

I had surgery on 9/15/14. I've lost 35 lbs. That's 5 months. I haven't lost a pound in almost 2 months. I've lost a massive amount of hair too. I take in my protein. I eat under 1000 calories a day. No sweets or sugar. I'm done. I feel desperate not to mention that I'm a diabetic and it goes from too low or sometimes high. This was the whole point to surgery. Depressed. Anxious. Not good....

Not Losing Weight :(

by: Anonymous

I lost 20 ponds, the first month after sleeve surgery. Now its been 6 weeks after that and I haven't lost a pond. I am taking soft diet and adequate protein. I am feeling depressed, as I was told by my doctor that the weight goes down maximum in first 3 months only.

To everyone!

by: Yvonne McCarthy

If you are following your program don't worry. Like I said in my other message my stall was for 6 weeks straight. After that it starting coming off fast. Just keep doing the right things and the weight will come off. At the same time make sure to form good habits right now because when the honeymoon period ends it's not as exciting so you can fall back into those old habits.

Me Too!

by: Anonymous

I also lost 30 lbs (this is the total of before and after surgery) and then went into a stall. I'm on my 2nd week of going up a pound or two and then down a pound. I am tracking my nutrition on so I know I'm getting my protein, watching the carbs, no sugar, and between 600-800 calories. It doesn't make sense, but I hope it will be temporary. It seems EVERY diet I've tried, including Adkin's and Weight Watchers, I hit a stall after 30 pounds. With the other diets, I gave it 3 more months before quitting. Then I would gain back 30 plus another 20. This better not happen with the surgery!

Same here!

by: Carol

I had gastric sleeve surgery on 10/14. Lost 42 lbs from my first meeting with my surgeon but for the last 4 weeks I've gained 4 lbs. I go up a pound, down a pound. I don't eat anything with sugar in it, keep my protein levels up and am eating 500-800 calories a day. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!

We are the same!

by: Sue

I had the surgery on Oct 11th, and I too lost 30 pounds but I have been stuck for 3 weeks. I lose 2 gain 1, lose 1 gain 2. I eat about 500-800 calories a day and about 60-70 grams of protein. Seriously, I am depressed, I don't understand how I'm not losing weight. I do not eat any sugar and my carbs (oatmeal) is around 40 carbs a day. I hope I'm in a stall and will get out of it ASAP! Yesterday I walked 3 miles and gained a pound. When you get out of your slump please post when you start losing again. Good Luck!


by: jan

Thanks! It's good to know that it isn't hopeless...I hope it's just a stall.

How upsetting is that?

It's so good to have encouragement from everyone.

Thanks again!

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not losing

by: Yvonne McCarthy

Don't worry too much. Right about the same time as you I went through a 6 week stall and didn't lose a pound!! After that it started falling off again. Do watch sugar. It is horrible but I feel like that if you are not losing (and you are following rules) that you are just in a stall. Not to worry and make sure to drink/eat something for breakfast so you don't throw your body into starvation mode OK? Hugs, Y

not losing weight

by: Anonymous

thanks for the advise! I will try to watch my sugar intake and see if that helps, although pretty much everything I eat is low fat and unsweetened. I have been told by friends that my body is just adjusting. I'm not sure how a person can eat so few calories and still not lose weight, but I will be seeing the doctor for my 3 month check up in a couple of weeks.

Not Losing Weight

by: Her Moojesty

Maybe if you examine the type of food you are getting. I noticed that I stop losing if I get even a drop of sugar. I had a sleeve in November, lost quite a bit of weight during the clear liquid stage, but once I could get the protein shakes and soft diet stuff, the weight loss slowed. I ate a lot of sorbet and fruit bars, and the sugar kept me hovering. I'm pretty sure it was the sugar. In any event, I sure wish you luck, and don't be afraid to contact the surgeon. This is what I worry about, because I got mine done in Mexico, and I sure am not going back there. No doctors around here really want me as a patient.Her Moojesty

not losing weight

by: Jan

Roux en Y gastric bypass surgery

Which surgery

by: Jeff

Hi Jan, Which surgery did you have? Jeff

I feel your pain

by: Jenalynn

I am strugling myself. I lost 50 pounds the first seven weeks after surgery now I'm 4 months out and nervous my body isn't looking anymore. I have lost nothing in two weeks. Its really trusting I can relate to how all of u feel. Good luck.

Stall 4 weeks sleeve

by: Fran

Very frustrating 4 weeks out of sleeve and up and down 2 lbs lost 22 please advise

1 Year Later and Im Still Obese

by: Chrissy

I just found this page. I am really surprised that other women are going through a similar process as myself. I think I made some major mistakes along the way. Maybe after reading this, I hope an pre-op patients can benefit. I cant remember if I was 202 or 220lbs. I didn't really care about the scale going in. Just looking at it made me depressed. Oh yeah, I suffer from severe depression. I am also addicted to food. I was given the opportunity to see a therapist to only discuss my eating habits. I went once and never went back. I thought I didn't need it. I had other issues bigger than putting down the spoon (so I thought). Taking pictures during my weight loss: I didn't do that either, I told myself that I had enough pictures of me being obese and I was just ready to lose weight and get skinny. I also had the surgery 3 months after a close friend of mine had hers. She convinced me that we both needed it. I didn't go into the surgery with my own valid reasons. That was a mistake as well. I started shedding the pounds and going down in pants sizes and nothing else mattered. But here I am 1 year out and I am between 189-191lbs. I think the worst thing that my surgeon could have told me was "you can eat anything now", after I was a few months out. I did exactly that! I realize my mistakes. Not sure if anyone else can relate to this. I am not starting over and this time I'm working out, not to complete with my friend who lost so much weight so fast that now she's not happy with her results. This time I am doing it for me. Ladies, don't give up! Good Luck to you all!

Had surgery

by: Georgeanna Anderson

I had the surgery in 2013 and I lost 100 lbs first few months. Then after that I didn't lose any more weight. I can't eat the protein they want me to because I literally get stuck from it. I have maintained my weight for 2 years at 240 lbs. But recently have gained 20 lbs when I started to ride my bike everyday. I am just beyond frustrated and got the surgery so I wouldn't do something stupid in life and feel depressed again now that I am gaining weight again. I can't go through it all again. Can anyone offer any advise to me.

Six years after still 300 lbs

by: Rebecca

I don't mean to discourage anyone but I had the surgery six years ago (the bypass at St. Francis in CT) and though I did lose 90 I never lost more than that. I panicked after my surgery. I have PTSD, Generalized Anxiety, major depression, and a mood disorder and my surgeon knew this. I wasn't ready for the emotional side of things and my surgeon yelled at me for panicking. I signed myself out of the hospital against his wishes soon after and struggled with debilitating depression after surgery. In the recovery room, I was forced awake because they thought I aspirated (I have severe sleep Apena). I did try to go to the gym but I was so tired and I couldn't push through it. I was not required to be on an exercise program before my surgery, just told to exercise vigorously after, but again I wasn't expecting the mental challenge. It truly blindsided me. Now six years later, my pouch has been checked and it's fine but I have little energy most days even though my vitamin levels are great and I'm on medication for my mental stuff. Some days it doesn't matter what I try to eat I'm sick to my stomach. I have lost all my teeth, I have chronic migraines, and I'm only 42. I get smart but looks all the time especially since my father and aunt have had successful surgeries. I feel like a failure a lot of the time because I haven't been able to overcome the mental part of the surgery and improve my circumstances. So anyway that's my story.

Depression has set in

by: Beverly

I had Roux-en-Y surgery on May 2, 2016. I was 214 pounds. It has been 6 weeks and I have only lost 19 pounds. I am so depressed over it. I thought the weight would come off quickly at first and then slow down. I am getting enough water and protein but I can not advance from soft foods. I can only get maybe 2 ounces at a time. You would think with the little amount of food intact that I would lose more. HELP.

I'm losing and I'm winning daily.

by: Dre'Ka

Hello everyone!
Before I had my surgery I went from 375 lbs to 320 lbs at my surgery date 12/22/2015.
Today, after 6 months I'm 251 lbs, and I intend to lose 80 lbs at the max.
I exercise, eat correctly, hydrate and walk daily. My extra trick is, I workout at home with a resistance band workout set. I shoo this 2-5 times daily. It's simple and easy to do. And I dance to music that's my cardio.
WE must to these things for life! I also attend a weekly online bariatric group and they are all a great help! The support is wonderful!

Depression and Gastric Sleeve

by: Julianna

I wanted to address the issue of depression that many are experiencing. First, let me explain that I suffer from PTSD, major depression, and anxiety. I know what you're going through. I had the surgery done not just to lose weight, but to "break up" with food. It was always my emotional crutch.

I am sorry if your doctor didn't talk to you about the emotional side effects. It's very common to get depression after surgery, even if you've never had it before. Your body is weakened, tired, and begging for you to go back your old ways. But you literally can't. Everything changes when you have surgery; family dinners are different. Birthday celebrations are different. Dates are different. Work lunches are different. Emotionally, that's a lot to take. Your whole life doesn't look familiar anymore, and many wonder why they did it.

I went in knowing I would be going through that. I knew because I have a counselor that I speak to regularly. When those emotional changes came, I let myself cry and be sad about the change instead of berating myself about it just being food. It's not food that you're missing. It's memories, happy times, times you felt extravagant, as well as a lot of artificial happiness (dopamine from sugar.) This is a life change and can be a healing process if you let it. You need to take a deep breath and tell food it has nothing to do with your happiness. Break up with that abusive boyfriend (food) that doesn't love you back and never will. Food is now for your body, not your heart.

As your body adjusts, the depression will get better. How long? Depends on the person. We're all special snowflakes; no two bodies are the same. But if you're not seeing or talking to a counselor, you could very well be holding up your weight loss. If you are experiencing high stress, your body will fight you over weight loss. Your sympathetic system will kick in and store your fat. It will eat your muscle instead (muscle burns calories! We eat so much protein to save muscle!) The sympathetic system prepares your body for danger like a long winter. It believes it must save the fat for energy later.

If you are not seeing the scale move and feeling depressed, GET RID OF THE SCALE. Have a friend hide it for three weeks and take time away for it. Take time away to mourn losing food, to get in touch with your new body, and remember why you did this besides weight loss. If weight loss was the only reason, find reasons to love your new body and make them why you did it. Journal your food memories. Journal things and experiences youv've loved that have nothing to do with food. Get a counselor if possible.

I personally challenge anyone here to do this, come back here again, and tell me it didn't help you. Three full weeks or it doesn't count. No scale or measuring tape. Lots of telling your body you love and appreciate it. You may feel silly, but your mind and body will change. Prove me wrong if you don't believe it.

This surgery is about health for your whole life, not weight loss today. Embrace the change you made, and your body and mind will quit fighting you.

All my love,
Insta: @juliannajanayoung


by: Countrygirl

Thanks for all the comments good to know i am not alone.

Need help!

by: Amanda

I'm 3 months out and I've lost 49lbs. I started at 322lbs and now I'm down to 273lbs. I've been stuck at 273lbs for a week now. I'm so used to the scale going down 2-4lbs a week. I eat a lot of sugar free popsicles. I eat 3 times a day (the amount recommended). I consume around 80-120 grams of protein daily. I drink a lot of water. I work at a gym so I get my exercise in daily. What could this be??? Should I not use too much olive oil on my food? Should I stop eating popsicles? I also eat out and have chicken/shrimp fajitas sometimes. Is that bad?



I'm having my surgery done in 2 months but my niece had it done 3 years ago. I think she was 323lb and she lost about 120lbs the first year then stalled for about a good 6 months. Eventually she started losing again and got down about another 80lb.

I know she's lost 206lbs so far over the last 3 years, but has stalled 2 times for months at a time, so don't give up! She drinks a lot of the Atkins already made shakes and she drinks A LOT of ice lattes (very sugary). She did have 2 extended periods were she didn't lose weight but 3 years later and she is still slowly losing.

Best you can ever do

by: Geena

I had my gastric sleeve surgery done 2 weeks ago and there was no pain, nothing.

By day 10 I was eating small amounts of smashed foods and juices every 3 hours, or so.

I have already lost 10 kilos and I think this was the best thing I have ever done in my life and the best way I could ever spend money.

Everyone experiences this operation differently but, for me, I was driving the third day, life was normal, and I was happy.

Feeling like I failed

by: Stacy

I came into this not being truly honest with myself. I thought the surgery would override any hunger pains or make it impossible for mindless eating, but that was not the case.

I initially lost 75 lbs but then started gaining weight back. I am 31 lbs away from where I started before I had the surgery. Surgery did not override my emotional attachment to food. I have a very unhealthy relationship with food and I hate it! I am so successful at so many things in my life and yet I fail miserably at the relationship with food.

My joints, especially my knees, hurt so bad when I try to do too much of anything. I feel very impatient and like I'm very hard on myself, so for me to regain weight after having surgery is one of the worse things that could have happened. I try to stay out of sight as much as possible, out of pictures, and out of gyms because I feel like I am bigger than everyone and they are looking at me. I am embarrassed and ashamed. I don't know what to do.

Not losing weight

by: Phyllis Vida

I can relate. I just posted the same question, so there must be a number of "us" out there. I would be very interested in any one's input.
Keep the faith, Friend. I will do the same.

16 months out

by: Monique

I'm 16 months out from gastric sleeve. My beginning weight before surgery 296LBS, size 24/26. 278 on surgery day. It is a life change not just a surgery change. I was a little discouraged when I started gaining weight until I realized that it was muscle I was gaining. Muscle weighs more than fat. Before I started weight training I was 180 LBS, then in June right at my 1yr mark I was cleared for weight training. Overall I'm happy with the weight loss. I'm in a size 14-16 and loving it. If I can rid myself from the flabby skin then the surgery would get a 100 on a ten point scale. I still cannot eat much, and fast foods are a no-no. I have noticed that white starches are the hardest to get in or keep down. I eat what I call "clean eating": only fresh veggies, fish (lots of fish) chicken and turkey. Very little gravy's, sauces, and things of the sort. Nothing from a box, or can except tuna on occasion. When I go out to restaurants I ask many questions: what's it cooked in? What's on it? Can I substitute? Can I have a to go box?

I've learned to ask for a brad plate and a to-go box and bag. I place one to two spoons/fork full of my meat, and veggies on the plate and everything else goes into the box - out of sight out of mind. I don't drink and eat at the same time. No desserts or dressing on the side. Most times I order from the appetizer section or the kid's section.

Exercise is my life now: walking, running, weight lifting, yoga, pilates, swimming, whatever it takes.

I went from being called honey or babe by my husband to Queen and Foxy. I'm 51, looking 31 and acting 21. I'm on no medication, nothing hurts or aches. When I was getting cortisone shots in my knees, and all kinds of prescription pain pills, my blood pressure, cholesterol and A1C was elevated, I was not sleeping, angry and pissed off most of the time. Now I have been zip lining, mountain coaster riding, speed car racing and parasailing. I will continue to ride out this ride as long as I can. I was giving another chance to make it right so I will continue to try.

Weight loss will not do it all, it's a jump start. It takes guts, the truth, hard work, and diligence.

My weakness is potato chips. No, I know that is just as bad as fried chicken, ice cream, and cake. So I know the first stage to recovery is admittance, well I admit I need chip rehab, because I will eat them and nothing else all day.
If this helps anyone - then great.

My advice is doing what I did: take a picture before the pre-surgical weight loss, then after 3 months, 6 months & 12 months in just your underwear, place them in a 4 picture frame and post it on the mirror of the bathroom, bedroom, fridge, car dash, makeup case anywhere that you will see it constantly as a reminder of where you came from, where you are going and where you don't want to go back to.


by: Angela

I am on a stall as well. I have lost 55 lbs so far and June 2016 made my one year anniversary after surgery. I would still like to lose another 30 lbs, but that seems to be almost impossible and I'm doing the same things I was (with tweeks here and there;) to lose enough weight to get approve for the weight loss surgery. I'm not sure what to do at this point. However, I plan to rejoin group support for bariatric patients.

7 weeks out have only lost 20 lbs nothing for 2 weeks

by: Kitkat

Hey all looks like I'm in the same boat. Granted I didn't have much to lose to begin with, I think I'm still getting too many carbs. I'm having pain under my right breast/rib area and it shoots through to my back. I was told I'm probably inflamed and need to be on liquid and soft foods until I see a digestive Dr this coming Tuesday. Then I will have a scope done. I'm having trouble keeping stuff down. I also joined the Y recently but because of my fibromyalgia I have not been this week. I'm extremely discouraged and I also suffer from anxiety and depression. With the pain of the fibro and the weight loss stall I'm kinda ready to be done sometimes :(

8 week stall after surgery

by: Laurie P

I lost about 20 lbs prior to surgery. Since sleeve surgery on 9/26/16, I have only lost 11lbs. That is pathetic! I am now on week 8 of a stall. Once I was able to eat 'soft foods', weight loss has stopped. I called my surgeon and 1st he told me I wasn't eating enough... then too much,...then as a last resort go back to liquids. What? My Dr. even has been increasing my thyroid meds... of which should be ramping up my system! The scale dips 2 lbs during the week, then my Monday weight in arrives & the scale says the SAME THING (only +/- by 0.2lb). My clothes have stopped getting big & my measurements are no longer changing.

I ate very small portions & very healthy prior to surgery due to dietary restrictions. I feel like not much changed from what I did prior to surgery when I was losing, I just added shakes. Now I have stopped those too. I am hungry ALL the time of which I never had an issue with prior to surgery & am suspecting it is something else.

I am doing everything they tell me to do, journaling my foods, shakes, protein 1st, etc. I have even increased my cardio. I feel like I am killing myself for no result. Everyone else I see on these forums have lost 30-50lbs then had a stall. That I could live with but ELEVEN lbs!

I am now officially convinced I am a metabolic freak. I am embarrassed the people even know I had surgery. I am out of reasons for this stall. Someone...anyone.... HELP!!!!

Loosing weight slowly

by: Janet

Hi guys,

First and foremost I want to say to all of you out there: you are true heroes and you are beautifull!
Please don't get discouraged!

There are a number of factors affecting our ability to loose weight, even after surgery.

1. Our age.

If you are a woman over 40, your body is going through hormonal changes - getting you prepared for menopause. The gastric sleeve surgery cannot change your hormonal levels, it may tailor it but will not change it completely. If you already hit menopause it may be even more difficult to loose the weight till you completely are out of the woods. Our bodies are reserving fat to generate estrogen when it gets low in our systems, so think of it as a defense mechanism.

2. Water intake.

It is absolutely important to sip the water all day long!
I know lots of us are not used to drinking lots of water, but this is a trick to let your body get rid of the water which has been retained.

3. Memory points.

Our bodies have the so-called "memory points" of the weight we have been at.

Throughout our lives we gained weight, but at some point were stable in certain weight. When you are losing weight you get to that point your body remembers it used to be at, and refuses to let go of it - another defense mechanism. Don't worry - after some time, which may be days, weeks, or even months, the weight will start going down again.

3. Starvation mode.

We are in the starvation mode. It prevents the body to let go of the weight - yet another defense mechanism. Try to trick your body a little by eating a bit more often throughout a day for a few days. Once the organism (you) realizes it gets fed every few hours, it will release the starvation mode.

4. Pleasure.

By going on a strict diet we have lost the pleasure of eating, which causes the depression.

Make yourself a yom menu! Identify the food you love the most, and based on your stage of allowed foods, research the recipes - make it interesting! Identify the pleasure!

The food should not be boring! Remember, no matter the stage there are plenty of tasteful food out there!

You may not be able to eat a lot, but it doesn't mean you can't still enjoy it!

5. Slow is good.

The slow weight loss is healthier than the rapid one - it gives your body an opportunity to adjust, without compromising other systems. So don't get discouraged when you don't see a weight drop on a daily basis. You didn't gain all that weight overnight, right? What makes you think it should be gone overnight?

6. Reward yourself.

You are a brave soul: you made a commitment to change your life for the better!

It's time to reward yourself! The life doesn't have to revolve around food! Don't be upset about the inability to eat what you used to! Make a spa reservation, go to the movies or a show, go sight seeing, plan a short trip out of town over the weekend; anything! There are plenty of things to do with yourself and with loved ones!

Don't dwell on the worries over the inability to loose weight quickly! Embrace the new you - a better you, a beautiful you!

Wishing you all the best of success and patience!

Love thyselves!

Hitting my 1st Plateau weeks 5 -7

by: Paul H

I had the Gastric Bypass on Dec 5th and weighed in at 404 lbs on surgery day. I started losing prior to the surgery about 8 months prior and knocked off 77 lbs on my own - mainly using the "my fitness pal" app that my Bariatrician recommended. The app only lets you set up a 2lb a week weight loss schedule, but I found that by cutting my calories by an extra 500 per day i could knock off an extra pound a week some weeks. I lost 22 lbs of the 77 on the 2 week liquid fast prior to the surgery.

In the next 4 weeks I lost 44 more pounds by my 1 month check-in. Then from week 5 to 7 I have been bouncing between 360 to 364 to 360 again and again. Just this last week I noticed I'm down to 355 so I'm a little encouraged to be losing at least "something" again.

What I can't figure out is that since Jan 5th I've kept my calories under 800 a day and have been walking in my local Lifetime pool 3 - 5 times a week about a mile and eighth each session (78 laps). All that and only a 5 or 6 lb weight drop seems crazy to me..... My doctor said that most of my weight loss will occur over the next 6 to 8 months so I'm really staying true to the program with about 120 pounds to go until I hit my goal weight.

Like most of us that have made the commitment to go through this difficult process, I want to radically change my health and life and I didn't know if there was anything else I might try doing to kick-start my progress?? Please share all your ideas!! Thanks!!

Glad to hear I'm not alone...

by: Kim Iles

Lap-Band revised to RYN 12/28/16... Have not had any problems, have felt so good about myself until last week... Weight on 2/5/17 and 2/12/17 was exactly the same... Feeling much less discouraged now. Glad everyone is so willing to share their experiences.

Why did i stop losing only two weeks after sleeve?

by: Julia

I am glad I found this site because the first thing I read was SO MUCH like my question and my situation that I wondered if I had posted it myself. :)

I lost nearly 20 pounds between my pre-op diet and my first week after surgery but now that I have started eating soft foods my weight loss has stalled. It even went up a couple pounds. I have followed every direction given me except I know I am not getting enough liquids each day. I am encouraged to read that the weight should eventually begin going down again. Just anxious over this stall.

Could it be due to not drinking enough?

Starting to gain/stall at 5 months post op...

by: Misty

So I had my surgery 11/4/2016. I suffered from severe complications and wasn't released from the hospital until mid-December. By January 2017 I had already lost 50lbs. But then it slowed down, I only lost 7lbs in January, and a couple more in February. Now, in March, I'm 62lbs down from my surgery weight, and at 5 months post op I'm experiencing my first stall. What concerns me even more is that I appear to be gaining weight? I have gained 5lbs this week. I don't understand! I'm eating the right amount of calories and exercising every day! How can I reverse this and get back to my weight loss path???

Height: 5'7"
Highest weight: 353
Surgery weight: 340
Current weight: 277.5
Goal weight around: 153

Thank you everyone!

This is difficult

by: QueenB

I started out at 344lbs. I had my gastric bypass in October of 2016. I have lost 102 lbs. Over the last month I have lost nothing, but did not gain either. Do not get discouraged, this is difficult. No surgery can fix everything. I have found that going to a therapist twice a month to just purge all my crap out helps me deal with life stresses better.

I have made a few mistakes along the way as far as the diet plan goes. I have drank before 30 minutes has passed between meals. I am going to work on that harder. I also have not been exercising regularly. I am going to have to commit fully to this whole program before I can complain. My mom had the same surgery in April 2016, and she has lost 88lbs. She told me that she has gained 4lbs this month. So my advise is to try to do your best everyday, and congratulate yourself for what you have achieved thus far.

This is a difficult journey. I am glad to have some support online with people going through the same stuff. Good luck to all.


by: Misty

I just wanted to let you all know, I'm now at 7 months post op and have lost a total of 108lbs. My three week stall and weight fluctuation had my worried at 5 months, but I kept open communication with my Dr and nutritionist and stuck to the eating end exercise plan, and before I knew it, the weight began coming off again! Stalls are very disheartening, but keep doing what you're supposed to and they will do away! Hang in there everybody!


No weight loss.

by: Raemo

Before even considering the sleeve, I had lost 29 lbs through weight watchers to reach a weight of 229. I was ecstatic, that was my lowest weight in 18 years. I then changed jobs, was unable to attend meetings, and due to other time constraints was not able to be consistent with food tracking. I gained 7 lbs from Feb to June of 2014. My blood sugar was also up so I began Lantus.

Within 2 months on Lantus, I had gained 20 lbs. I was not overeating. Due to my own research, I asked to be switched to Levemir. On Levemir, I did not gain weight but was hungry all the time. I decided being on insulin was not worth the benefits. It was torture. This is why I decided to have the gastric sleeve procedure done. The chance that it could reverse diabetes....that was enough of a reason, weight loss would have been a major fringe benefit.

By the day of surgery, Dec. 22, 2014, I was back down to 235. This was after losing 10-12 lbs on my own, and then being on a clear liquids only diet for 2 weeks prior to surgery. At my one week appt after surgery, I was at 230 and then lost about 1/2 lb a day for about 2 weeks. (I never lost the feeling of hunger that most people do after weight loss surgery. I still feel intense hunger, even though I cannot eat much. As soon as my "stomach" is empty, I am hungry.)

By 6 months out, I was at 212. I had been stuck there for a while and I had not eaten one thing that I should not have. After 8 months, I began to eat an occasional prohibited food, like a couple of cookies or an ice cream sandwich. I did not over do it, but yet I gained weight each time.

It has been 2 1/2 years since my surgery. The weight has been creeping back on. Even when carefully following the high protein, low carb post surgery plan I cannot lose, but will often experience blood sugar crashes in the afternoon. I have tried weight watchers again, no success. Now I am on keto, no weight loss.

I had my primary care physician check my thyroid, my TSH was way above normal, so now I am taking thyroid medication. I thought surely this was the problem, but no, I still cannot get the weight off!

The good news is that on keto, my blood sugar is almost normal; I have no blood sugar crashes and I am only taking 1 oral medication 1 X per day for diabetes. No matter what I do, I cannot get the weight off and I struggle to stay at 230. I am not overeating, my pouch is not stretched, and I still become full with very small quantities of food.

This is very frustrating.

Gastric Bypass 15 months after

by: Nita


I was 360 pounds in August, 2015. I went to classes on pre-surgery and lost 52 pounds prior to my surgery on April 1st, 2016. I am now 250 pounds and 5'7 and 1/2, I want to lose at least 70 more pounds.

One doctor said to eat 1200-1400. My other doctor said 1600-1800 a day. I am frustrated! I have been 250 pounds now since November, 2016. Sometimes a couple pounds come off here and there. I also have a thyroid issue. I want to be out of the 200s.


by: Lisa Nelson

I am 12 weeks into my gastric bypass and my powers out due to hurricane.

I eat a couple of crackers and Vienna sausage now my stomach is in a lot of pain.

What do I do?

Same here

by: Pam

Hi Jan. I'm sorry to hear that you are having the same success that I've had.

I gave it my all. But I guess my all wasn't great. I'm so frustrated. It's been over 3 years for me.


by: Krysti

I’m glad I came across these comments, I lost about 20 lbs in the first month and have only been losing a few, gaining a few since. I go in for my 3 month post op this week. I know I’m not eating completely like I should and have been drinking soda from time to time. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one but I want to start hitting the gym to build muscle. Family and coworkers can see a difference in my weight even though I don’t see much difference. I also wanted to know if anyone else hasn’t gotten sick at all, is that normal?

Working Out & Scale weight

by: Newbie

If you're working out don't weigh yourself daily. You are building muscle which u absolutely need to firm your body & burn more calories during rest.

Use measuring tapes or clothes to gauge ur loss. Remember 5 lbs of fat is much bigger than 5 lbs of muscle.

Not loosing weight

by: Martin

I was sleeved January 18 2018. I only lost 20 lbs since my surgery. I have lost inches but not much weight.
What am I doing wrong. ??


Not alone

by: Debra

Glad to hear I am not the only freak of science. Had the Gastric Sleeve 5 weeks ago. Lost 16 pounds pre-op, but only 13 pounds since. Nothing in the last week. I have been dieting since I was 8 years old (I am now 60) and I think my body has just gotten used to it.

Also had thyroid cancer and partial thyroid removal. Been having joint pain and swelling, even a heel bursa that has kept me from being able to walk. Pretty frustrated that I can eat 500-600 calories a day and still not lose weight.

And now I can't even take Aleve or Advil to relieve the joint pain and make it easier to exercise. I did this to get healthy and be an example to others I know who need to lose. Lousy example! I won't be recommending weight loss surgery to anyone.


by: Irene

I had surgery 10/18/17....
Highest weight - 225
Starting weight - 203
Current weight - 171

I have been stalled since February and I'm getting in my protein by eating it or drinking it.

I try to get my calories in but I eat mostly protein. I've started walking and still nothing. I'm really frustrated. My goal is between 140 and 150 pounds.

weight loss stalling

by: Marrion

I had the gastric band in 2011 and lost over 6 years 46 kg. Ended up putting back some of the weight. Had a lot of troubles with the band and it eventually slipped and causing damage to my stomach with loads of scaring. In 2017 had to have gastric sleeve surgery to repair the damage/ scaring it had caused.

I have lost 16 kgs in 1 year since my surgery, I feel healthier, eating loads more salads, vegetables that I was unable to eat with the band. BUT have not lost any more weight! I know that I have lost inches and able to exercise more. But WHY am I not losing anymore weight? Please help need advice? Should I be eating low calorie diet? Shakes? More protein?

Also not losing

by: Sarah

I am so despondent. Had surgery April 20th 2018, lost 17 pounds the first 6 days, 15 the next week? Then 5 then 2 then nothing. I’ve been up and down a pound for weeks. Additionally I can’t hardly eat, I got a stricture.

My anastomoses shrunk to 10mm and every bite is a torture. Endless feeling stuck like I’m choking and endless vomiting. I had an EGD and it was expanded to 12mm, also had some erosions.

I have to have another procedure to stretch it to 15mm. I’m able to keep liquids down now but a lot of food still gets stuck and absolutely nothing slightly liquid with slightly solid or vomiting. I’m due to return to work this week and I’m so upset I cry all the time.

I’m getting an average of 400-500 calories a day, some days less. I take my vitamins. I exercise though I could be more active. How can I not be losing weight? I’ve lost 40 since surgery and 55 all together but I have SO MUCH MORE to go. I’m terrified I’ve completely ruined my intestines and now I’m trapped unable to eat, vomiting all the time and still fat.

Oh and I’m also either constipated or crapping myself. I’m a nurse I rationally know the medical stuff but emotionally I’m just over it. I’m stressed out with life, and to add vomiting (which I hate more than anything) to still being fat is unbearable.

I honestly think I’m never gonna lose anything more and this is my horrible life now.

I don't understand why I not losing weight

by: Paige

I had sleeve surgery 6/15/18. I was originally 413 but had to lose 21 lbs to be approved, I lost 30. Once approved and put on the 2 week liquid diet I lost another 20 and I have only lost 8 since surgery, 5 of which I lost in the first 5 days.

I have only lost 3 lbs since the 20th of June. Can this be a plateau already? I mean I have dropped almost 60 lbs since April?

I just am surprised this could come right after surgery like this. I am only getting at most 600 calories a day, I log everything on my fitness pal and I am getting in my 20 to 30 minutes of walking everyday.

I am afraid to go back and see my doctor on the 19th of July if I don't lose more weight. I don't want to be accused of cheating or not doing something right when I have followed the rules exactly. Anyone have any suggestions?

Freaked out!

by: Rcz

I am 3 weeks post sleeve and I feel like I'm already at a stand still! I weighed 226 day of surgery. Now at 206. Havent seen scale drop since last week! I'm barely starting puree. Still on liquids! I'm hoping this will change! Staying at 600 calories. Freaking out!

by: Patrick Furlong

If you stay on a 600 calorie diet, you will lose more weight. Continue to be patient and don't freak out. Be sure to get adequate sleep, exercise, and eat healthy; you'll lose the weight.

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