Orbera Balloon and Elipse Balloon Reviews?

by Martha


I am looking into getting the stomach balloon. My daughter’s wedding is coming up next summer and I want to be in tip-top shape for her beautiful day. I know it can only be in for about 6 months so I’m thinking I’d get it in the next couple months and then the timing would be perfect.

I’ve been reading on this website about the balloon, or, I guess I should say balloons. And, this is my question – I was hoping I could get reviews for the orbera, the elipse balloon, and any other ones I guess. Is there a “best” balloon for my situation?

Thanks so much! Many blessings!

– Martha

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Surgeon Response to "Orbera Balloon and Elipse Balloon Reviews?"

by: Dr. Vafa Shayani

Thanks Martha for writing and asking.

All three FDA approved balloons (Reshape, Orbera and Obalon; Elipse is not yet FDA approved) are commercially available and accomplish similar results. Most patients are able to utilize gastric balloons to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week which translates into between 25 and 50 pounds during the 6 months that they are in a patient's stomach.

The best way to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the balloon systems is to speak with health care professionals that offer them. You might be able to make an appointment for a consultation, free of charge, with practitioners that offer one or more of these balloons to their patients, making sure you learn not just about the advantages, but also the reasons why a practitioner might not offer a certain balloon system.

Dr. Vafa Shayani
Bariatric Institute of Greater Chicago

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