Pain in Upper Right Quadrant 9 Days After Gastric Bypass Surgery

by Sherri
(Raleigh, NC)

I am 9 days post-op from RNY gastric bypass. At the time of surgery they had to take down a Nissen from 2005 and re-repair a hiatal hernia (also repaired in 2005). I recovered well from the surgery and was relatively pain free.

Over the past several days I’ve started getting a tight, cramping like pain in my upper right quadrant. Originally it was just below a large trocar site (trocar site burns at times but looks normal) but today it has spread around to include the back. I feared an internal hernia and saw my surgeons PA yesterday and she said it was induration.

To me it just doesn’t seem right. It is becoming more uncomfortable by the day. I know I’m fresh out of surgery but this still seems strange to me.

I’m not sure if it’s adhesions, my liver, my pouch, or what. I will contact my surgeon if it continues to progress.


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by: Sherri

It has been several weeks since I posted this question. Since then it has been resolved. My surgeon determined that induration of my muscle or possible a stitch had entrapped a nerve. He injected me with cortisone guided by ultrasound and the pain has improved greatly.

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