Regain of 35 lbs after gastric bypass – Getting back on track


– How much weight did you lose before the weight regain started? 130lbs

– How long after surgery did it begin? 5 years

– Which type of weight loss surgery did you have? Gastric Bypass RNY

– What diet, exercise or other factors caused your weight regain? I got pregnant in 2007 (5 yrs after bypass) and gave in to pregnant cravings. I ate a lot..of cheetos. :-

– What did you do to stop or reverse it? After my son was born, I was left with 35lbs of weight gain. (I gained 60 but quickly lost the first 25..) I got pregnant again in 2009 and gained 25lbs, lost it immediately after delivery and STILL have that 35lbs!

I am trying to get back on track!

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by: Pamela

I had my surgery 2 years ago lost total of 160 pounds start weight was 394, now I seem to be putting weight back on I lose 3 gain four back next week been doing this for three months now,last week I went to doctor I had lost only 2 pounds today I weigh myself I gain NINE pounds in one week I don't get it how did this happen I still do portion side, so my question is what do I do I want to lose 20 more pounds by May 25'' HELP!!

25 pounds 6.5 years post op (started gaining around the 4-5 year mark)

by: Anonymous

I started slowly gaining weight two years ago and I can blame myself for it completely. I do not really over eat but I do add calories with wine and nibbling. I am also not exercising since I started a very condensed nursing program. Basically I am studying 35 hours a week with 32 hours in clinical and then working at my paying job. Lastly, I am also going through menopause. What I have done to stop the weight gain is giving up wine (which led to my nibbling as well) and making the calories I do consume ones that count. I have not gained anymore weight in the past year. What I really struggle with is getting motivated again for exercise.

post op weight gain

by: Anonymous

im 11 years post op was 330 lbs got down to 148 and been there about 7 years. i keep going to doctor and they say im 166 im sick to see the numbers. ive decided im going to force myself to watch every thing...good luck to you all

gain 20lbs after gatric bypass

by: Ivette

i've had gastric bypass done on march 2006.. my highest weight was 300lbs and my lowest was 176lbs on oct 2010.. now it is oct 2011 and i have gained 20lbs back just in on year.. seems that i gain weight just by looking at food.. please help any suggestions?

Gained after bypass

by: Anonymous

I gained 6kg after 4years. I m on blood pressure medication and I was on steroids for asthma.

gaining 3-4 lbs a year

by: Anonymous

lost 100lbs... now 7 years later gained back 25lbs...seems like 3 to 4 lbs a year is creeping up on me. I am trying to increase my exercise, but I do not eat much and it's hard to cut back on food!! Need to be careful with my choices. I eat lots of cookies, graze through the day and evening. I never a meal (I just pick), and it all adds up...

Weight Gain After Gastric Bypass

by: kat mol

I also gained about 45 lbs in 9 years. I am very disappointed because I worked so hard and it isn't because of exercise, which I LOVE. I belong to a gym and find myself there 5 or 6 times per week.I have gone through menopause. Does that also have something to do with it? Help!

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