Stabbing pain to the side of my port 3 weeks after lap band surgery

by Sid
(Northern Ireland )

Stabbing Pain Next to Port After Lap Band Surgery

Stabbing Pain Next to Port After Lap Band Surgery

I had my band fitted 3 weeks ago. I have been doing great until Thursday, when I developed a stabbing pain to the side of my port when I move or bend down.

What is it? And should I be concerned? Will it settle down?

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Stabbing pain to the side of my port

by: Recovering Annie

I had my lap band fitted 10 days ago and was feeling fine. Two days ago I bent over and injured my side on a camp cot.

I have been in agony ever since. I have just rested today but the pain is unbearable if I walk around or move.

From reading the comments I suspect I too may have torn the stitches around the port.

I am due to see my Dr on Monday so I'll also just rest up till then. Despite this minor setback, I am still glad I opted for the surgery. Early days but looking forward to a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you for all the hints and tips I have been reading up on!

Me Too

by: Anonymous

I also have had stabbing pains at the site of my port.

It feels like something is getting pinched. I also get a fluttering feeling. Just last night it was different. It would usually occur when I bent at the waist. This time it was when I stretched out in a recliner, I had such a stabbing pain it made me scream out. I had a lot of fluttering and then it felt like something else was protruding out next to my port.

I have talked to my surgeons about this pain before and they said it was probably scar tissue and to massage it and it would help. This time scared me though.

Pain at port area

by: Linda R.

I had lap band surgery 3 1/2 yrs ago, in December '11.

Now in July '12 I have developed a Hematoma behind my port, it is at my left waist area & the pain is unbelievable.

I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this.

I do not take aspirin or Blood thinners.

Pain at port

by: Sid

Thank you both for your comments.

I went and saw my surgeon, and he thinks I've torn one of the stitches around the port site.

I have been advised to take it very easy.

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Please Call Your Doc

by: Lap Band Groupie

Ditto what Lonicera said...please call your Doc now!

It may be nothing more than normal healing pains with movement, but it could also be something much more.

You need to bring this issue to your Doc's attention NOW... let THEM decide whether you need to be seen (be ready to answer questions about fever, incision healing, redness, heat near the area, when the pain happens, etc.).

The 8 or so weeks post-surgery is the time that you need to be watched very closely and is the time when most complications occur.

Please let us know how you're doing.

Best wishes.

I don't think you should even stop to ask us...

by: Lonicera The Bandit

Stabbing pain ANYWHERE, let alone near the band - don't even consult a forum, ring your bariatric surgeon and tell them.

I've no doubt they'll call you in straight away.

Are you keeping water down? If not, then you need to tell them when you contact them.

Do it NOW, and let us know how you are and what they said.

Lonicera The Bandit

Pain in left side - port hole


I'm one week after surgery, my left side port-hole gives me such severe pain I shout out. I have a very high pain tolerance (two big baby's no drugs at all) but this pain is taking my breath away and my mobility to move due to the pain is so slow.

At times I have to take short shallow breaths so not to put pressure on my lungs near it!!!

Also, I can feel the band and port!!!

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