Stomach Pain 3 Months After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

by Marianne
(White Cloud, MI)


I had the gastric sleeve surgery about 3 months ago. Before surgery I had GERD really bad and was taking prilosec daily. Since the surgery, I have had nothing but problems. I am in constant pain in my stomach, it hurts to even drink water.

I have been “scoped” twice because my stomach keeps “bending,” and I am still not eating anything but liquid protein because it either hurts or I cannot keep anything down.

I am getting frustrated and tired of being in pain and I need to get back to work. My bills are really falling behind.

My doctor said that he thinks my problems now are just the GERD again and has me on 3 different meds to control it but none of it is helping.

My questions are…

How long does it take to know? My doctor stated that if it doesn’t work, I would have to have the gastric bypass. How long does it take the medicine to work? When will the GERD improve? I have tried to ask him these questions but am not getting answers.

I am so frustrated and tired of being in pain. Please help me!

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Surgeon Response to "Stomach Pain 3 Months After Gastric Sleeve Surgery"

by: Dr. Gilberto Ungson

Dear Marianne,

It takes about 6 weeks for your doctor to know if the current treatment is working.

My recommendation would be that if it does not work after 6 weeks, dosages need to be adjusted and a 2nd treatment added to the current one.

If these does do not work either to control the GERD, converting to a bypass would by the next step in my opinion.

Take care,

Dr. Gilberto Ungson

Mexicali Bariatric Center

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Dr. Gilberto Ungson

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Same issues

by: Marianne

I too have the same issues. I am 3wks out and the constant burning pain is unbearable. I am taking Omeprazole 2x day. I am also not able to get past second weeks diet plan of full liquids. Have tried solid food several times with painful results. Also vitamins will not stay down and everything has a metallic or unappealing taste. I am sleeping 12 to 14 hours a day, am exhausted all the time, have no energy at all.

Going back to doctor again because this is just ridiculous. I was scheduled to go back to work in 8 days but there is no way I can work like this. I am really regretting this surgery. I went from an overweight person that worked 12-16 hours a day to a thinner person who can barely drag myself out of bed.

Pain in upper abdomen under breast

by: Monique

I have pain underneath my right breast. It's swollen underneath and every time I eat it hurts so I was wondering if I should be worried or not?

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