Time for Revision Surgery from Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve?


I have had an Allergan Lap-Band in for 6 years, and for over 3 years I have experienced heart burn. I am on prescription meds Protonix at first now Dexilant, but I still have pain.

I have had two EGDs – one in 6/10 and one in 3/11. Both showed irritation inside the esophagus.

Last year I had a dilated esophagus. My doctor took out fluid and it went down.

I currently still have fluid in my band. I have regained almost all of my weight and have co-morbidities again.

I am wondering if I should consider the sleeve, or will there be too much damage inside to do this surgery?

In general, when is it appropriate to consider a lap band revision?

Should I consider any other procedures or changes in general?

Thanks for any help.

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Bariatric surgeon at CBGSA, Arcadia, California

by: Dr. Troy LaMar

Hi there, Well, you certainly are not alone in terms of people who opted for a lap band, but now have issues. First, since you still have pain, you should have the remainder of the fluid removed from your band. This might help decrease the reflux and pain. Second, your weight gain is common after a band. Third, since you have had significant reflux, a roux y gastric bypass is probably a better choice than a sleeve in terms of a possible conversion. You should speak to your current surgeon and discuss the options. Good Luck, Troy LaMar MD

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