Tips On Choosing the Right Weight Loss Surgeon & Surgery Center

by Traci Baker (Bariatric Life Coach)
(Indianapolis, Indiana)


Having weight loss surgery is a huge decision and life changing event. Many times people ask me how did I know which program to join and what surgeon to perform my weight loss surgery? Here are some tips from me to you.

  1. Research – Find programs in your area and research as much as possible. There is a lot of free information out there so look at credible websites on the Internet (like this one), social media, and weight loss surgery forums and ask questions.
  2. Free informational seminars – Many programs offer FREE informational programs where you can go listen to a seminar and get more detailed information on that specific program.
    • Look for reputable bariatric surgery programs that are well known (no fly by the seat of their pants programs that will close their doors tomorrow). Find out what type of education they have to offer prior to surgery, where the surgeries are performed, what type of support they offer after surgery and do they follow you for LIFE.
    • Look for programs that have COE (Centers of Excellence) or are working towards this distinction. These programs work closely with the ASMBS (American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery) which mandates guidelines for bariatric centers.
  3. Support Groups – Attend weight loss surgery support groups hosted by the program you are interested in and talk to actual patients. Get answers straight from the horse’s mouths. Listen to the success and the struggles and take those into account. These are people who have been where you are, had surgery and are living the life every day. Listen to the good and the bad, know what is all involved.
  4. Ask yourself if YOU are ready to make a lifelong life style change? Be honest with yourself and know this is not a cure all or an overnight fix. This is not a short term diet it’s something you have to work at every day. If you are unsure get educated, take your time this should not be a simple decision that is made over night.
  5. Ask yourself WHO will be your positive support system at home? At work? In your life before and after surgery? Significant other? Parents? Siblings? Co-Workers? This is huge because surgery will affect those you live with too on a different level. Will you choose not to tell anyone or only a select few?
  6. Be prepared – there may be people in your life who do not agree with your decision to have weight loss surgery. You may get negative feedback, people may tell you this is the easy way out so be mindful of how you might react to any negative pushback you receive.

Remember this: You deserve to live a happy healthy life!

It’s your body, it’s your life and this is your decision.

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by: Millie Hue

I plan to take my brother to a medical facility that offers bariatric surgery because he is really suffering from obesity, and it's kind of hard to make him change is diet. He also has a mild autism, so it's difficult to make him understand that it's not good for his health to be gaining too much weight. So thanks for sharing these tips that will help us find the best facility in town. I really like that you mentioned that we could start searching online and reading forums to find out which facility most people are going to. Thanks!

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