Weight gain after bariatric surgery and symptoms similar to hyperglycemia

Weight Gain After Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight Gain After Weight Loss Surgery?


My surgery was several years ago – 1989 and at that time I only lost about 75 lbs. from weighting 211 lbs. I exercised by walking when I was able because I worked shift work and eating small meals.

Over the past two years my weight has reached a very high level of about 240 lbs. and I have been experiencing odd fluctuations starting in the area just below the breast which causes my heart to race, pulse to race and a very huge feeling of pressure going to my head. I have had tests for my thyroid which came back okay.

I am just wondering what is causing this because it is very scary. When this has occurred before I have checked my blood sugars on my husbands machine, but I am always fine in that area.

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Weight gain and symptons

by: Traci

First I would recommend a follow up with your programs surgeon and dietitian if you haven’t already done that. Are you also having your labs checked yearly? In my experience certain carbs will throw my sugar one way or the other and has complete affect on my weight. I too notice anxiety issues when I’m struggling with foods and weight gain like Yvonne pointed out that could be something you are experiencing? My other suggestion might be to track your foods and see if there is a correlation with any specific foods you eat that may trigger a reaction? My body reacts differently if I eat something higher in calories or if the sugar content is too high. The same with liquids. I hope this helps.
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check with your surgeon

by: Yvonne McCarthy

You didn't mention what surgery you had but being that long ago it might have been a VGB which was notorious for failed staple lines followed by weight gain. They also had no education for WLS at all...they didn't even have it when I had gastric bypass in 2001. You definitely need to check with a doctor. First I will say I am not one but have you been checked for having anxiety attacks? If that's what it is be careful about meds they prescribe for that. Some of them can be highly addictive. I had anxiety attacks years ago when I was under an inordinate amount of stress and I was sure I was going to die. I hope you find an answer.

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