Weight Gain Due to Poor Diet Choices 8 Years After Gastric Sleeve

by Brenda

So I always told myself that if I gained weight back it would be my ultimate failure in life, and yes, I have gained.

I had gastric sleeve surgery 8 yrs ago and did great. I said I would do it again if I could.

A couple years ago I slowly started eating foods that were not supposed to be in my diet. I would tell myself a bite or two is okay then I would eat more.

Today I have bad habits. My husband tries to help me but I just get upset with him.

To be honest I am afraid to start all over again for fear I wont lose weight and I will have failed, and I can’t deal with that again.

So what do I do to lose the regained weight, and is my sleeve going to work like it previously did when I followed all the rules?

Is it possible to lose the weight now after 8 years, or am I just a lost cause?

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Weight Regain

by: Nadia Barhoumeh-Lee


Everyone who has Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) has the hope of having an improved quality of life. Weight loss with WLS is a process that moves both directions.

We have to think of WLS as a tool... how you choose to use the tool is a constant choice.

The tool works, but sometimes we get off track and judge ourselves as failures and the cycle of negativity starts all over again.Please understand that WLS is a gift you have for life, it's yours to keep, it's your treasure, use it.

It will work again.It sounds like you have insight and you don't need anyone to tell you how to use it.

Try to recall all the things you did that worked and make you successful and go to that place again. I'm sure you can do it. Click here to visit our free online support groups as well, we can give you extra support.

Nadia Barhoumeh-Lee, RN

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by: Louie

So it's been two years, 3 months and was down to healthy high school weight. My healthy eating hasn't changed, nothing changed except 10 lbs up. It seems like every week it goes up for the last 12 weeks, never back down. I have NOT changed anything at all. All my everyday habits are the same, I do know I need to start exercising but still doesn't answer the question why the weight gain and steadily. I am very scared, please give some insight to why this may be happening. Thank you for your time and assistance.

I understand

by: Ang

I too have gained weight back from reverting back to my old habits. Not exercising and making excuses for my poor food choices have only sabotaged my weight loss.

I’m going to try a journal to keep up with what I eat but to also write down what I am feeling. Maybe then I can learn to understand my triggers for overeating.

I’ve been very stressed at work but I cannot let my health suffer for this.

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