Weight Loss Surgery Blogging Made Things Easier

by Waning Woman


Blogging has been a great way for me to journal not just my food intake, but my experience with weight loss surgery in its entirety.

When I started, just 7 days post op, I wasn’t writing for an audience. I didn’t have any followers, nobody was reading anything that I wrote. But I stayed with it and in the beginning I blogged almost daily. Writing my thoughts, feelings,the good right along with the bad, somehow made it better.

Once I realized that others were actually reading my journey and finding bits of their own journey in mine that motivated me to keep at it, not only for myself but for others.

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Comments for Weight Loss Surgery Blogging Made Things Easier

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hicups after lap band

by: dave

Hi all I had the lap band put in on Monday Sept. 26 th. I now have bouts of hicups. Is this normal? Or am I'm drinking and eating to fast? thanks Dave

hoping no band slipage

by: Dave

Hi I started on puree food today. My wife bought me some stage 2 baby food. I tried to eat some and it made me sick to the point where I was having dry heves. I hope my band didn't slip because now I don't feel that haert burn feeling when I drink or eat something.When I had the pre-op interview with the doc, he said he places the band and then folds some of the belly tissue around it and saws it in place.What are your thoughts on this?Thanks


by: Waning Woman

Dave its highly unlikely that you had a lap band slip. The heartburn feeling will probably come and go as your body adjusts to the band. Please, see your surgeon just to reassure yourself that everything is fine. Good luck

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